LinkedIn is a powerful and professional social media tool which can help increase traffic and visibility for any podcast in any given niche. Use LinkedIn to your advantage to benefit your podcast. Here are 5 of the top benefits of LinkedIn for a podcast.

Build Credibility

A LinkedIn profile provides a great way to start building a personal brand for a podcast and to promote yourself as an expert in a niche. A complete and connected LinkedIn profile is the perfect way to show off professional experience and expertise, so listeners will be able to trust you as a credible expert. It will provide an outlet to demonstrate what the podcast can do for others, primarily the target listeners, and can become an essential part of credibility and public image.


LinkedIn is a great way to share a podcast and promote it. Users of LinkedIn are able to include links to their website blog or podcast as a way to get more exposure. The site will allow users to add up to three links, providing enough versatility to promote the most important content. LinkedIn also has applications such as “WordPress” and “Blog Link” which allows users to add a blog or website feed onto their profile, a great strategy to allow users to get a sneak peak at the podcast show notes.

Build Your Network

Jason Hartman believes in the importance of great connections, and LinkedIn has all kinds of methods to help users create those connections. The site offers the ability to join groups and forums within your niche to find like minded individuals. This way, it’s possible to quickly grow your network to connect with others. By increasing the amount of connections you have, it’s possible to increase how easy it is to find your profile on the site. LinkedIn will use current connections to suggest new potential connections to help create a large professional profile.

Increase Traffic

Many podcasters and bloggers use social networks to increase readership. With LinkedIn, it’s possible to share content with connections only, specific groups, or to the public. This means you can use niche content to target ideal listeners.

Create a Reputation

Experts and authorities can be found in every niche. By having authority, or by being thought to have authority, you can build a loyal group of listeners. LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers can help with this. These programs allow users to demonstrate expertise in any given niche. By answering questions in a niche, you can begin to show you’re an expert in it. By being an active and helpful member within groups, you have the potential to increase visibility and recognition within the LinkedIn community.

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The Speaking of Wealth Team