If you’ve never thought of re-purposing your content, it’s time to start. Presenting content in a variety of ways is a great way to promote a brand. Keep reading to learn why.

1. Accommodate Different Learning Styles

Different people have different learning styles. By re-purposing content, it’s possible to reach potential followers that wouldn’t normally give your content a second glance, simply because it’s not presented in their learning style. Help ensure you aren’t leaving out a portion of your audience by presenting the same topic in a variety of formats. For instance, some people prefer to read while others prefer to watch or listen. Cater to every potential follower by presenting valuable information in a variety of ways.

2. Reach Different Demographics

Jason Hartman knows that different members of any audience will prefer to digest their content in different ways. Younger demographics might want short and sweet content in the form of facts via Twitter or Facebook posts, while others might prefer to read a full-length article or watch an informational video. Re-purposing content in a number of formats satisfies the majority of demographics.

3. Efficient

Re-purposing content is efficient because it allows you to cover an entire range of followers with one single piece of content. You’ll be able to utilize both social and traditional marketing strategies with one piece of content because of the extensive amount of ways it can be re-purposed and promoted. For instance, one blog post could become:

  • A series of tweets.
  • A series of Facebook posts.
  • A set of helpful “tip” pins on Pinterest.
  • A series of informational podcasts.
  • A series of short video blogs.
  • A series of shorter blog posts.
  • Informational images.
  • A helpful slideshow.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The ways content can be recycled are almost endless.

4. Powerful Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a powerful marketing tool. It becomes significantly easier to use when you start to re-purpose your content. Each piece of content should include all the SEO phrases and keywords necessary to improve search engine ranking. With several versions of the same content, you’ll have a better chance of success creating a keyword phrase to bring in more traffic.

5. Encourage Click-Through’s

The more tweets posted about a given topic, the more traffic makes it to your content. Re-purposing content will provide several opportunities to tweet and encourage clicks. You also have the opportunity to include links on each piece of content to other variations on the content, promoting click through’s. More followers will find their way to your content. The audience will realize you have useful information in a variety of formats.

Think you’re ready to start re-purposing your content? Building a brand might help. Read Build the Best Brand for Your Content to learn how. (Top Image: Flickr | FeatheredTar)

The Speaking of Wealth Team