Jason Hartman knows re-purposing content is a fantastic way to get new traffic. Not sure where to start? Keep reading to learn 5 of the best re-purposing techniques.

Create a Blog

If you run a podcast, one of the best ways to re-purpose content is into a series of blog posts. With a blog post, it’s possible to really get into the finer details of your podcast in an easy to read format. Break up a podcast into bullet points and descriptive paragraphs, with headings to make the post all the more readable. With a blog post, you’re bound to reel in a whole new group of followers.

Create Videos

Creating a video puts a whole new set of tools at your disposal, and it’s easy to digest for a potential follower. Videos can also be uploaded onto YouTube, which will target an entirely new demographic. Like a podcast or a blog post, the content and the message will be the most important part. Don’t sweat production too much, but make it interesting and fun to watch.

Create a PowerPoint

A PowerPoint presentation provides another easy to understand way to reach a potential audience. You can host a slide show online, or offer to hold an in person presentation in your area. Either way, the potential exists to reach an entirely new group of followers.

Create a Series of Factual Tweets, Facebook Posts, or Pinterest Pins

For a way to reach potential followers who are looking for nothing more than quick facts, social media can be a fantastic tool. If you’re on Twitter, consider breaking up podcasts into a series of tweets, just remember to keep them under 140 characters. With Facebook, you have the option to make facts a little longer to encourage conversation. If you can find or create great images for content, consider pinning facts on Pinterest along with some intriguing pictures

Create an eBook

If you have a series of podcasts, or a particularly long podcast, it’s possible to recycle that series into an eBook. With a good eBook, you can reach the entire Nook and Kindle market within a niche. Choose to make your eBook free to reel in lots of traffic, or .99 cents or so to earn a little extra income.

These ideas are only the start of what you can do to re-purpose your podcast. Not sure why to re-purpose your podcast? Try reading Top 5 Reasons to Re-purpose Your Content to learn why. (Top Image: Flickr | Sean MacEntee)

The Speaking of Wealth Team