SpeakingOfWealth.comThe era of lifetime employment is over.

There are a few government/corporate holdouts that might fool you into thinking your job is secure, or might even offer some sort of a pension if their around long enough to pay it out. The question is can you rely on it? At Speaking of Wealth we wouldn’t take that bet. It’s obvious to us that the era of self employment is upon us. Everywhere you look people are turning certain knowledge into comfortable lifestyles. While the internet marketing industry is huge (marketers marketing to marketers), it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Ordinary people, unemployed professionals, housewives, and college students are figuring out how to turn what they know into cash flow. A few recent examples we’ve come across:

1.Hardcore college football fan starts a website where he picks games that becomes massively popular.

2.Business man who raises tropical fish as a hobby begins a newsletter and soon is selling books on the topic to his rabid followers.

3.Fitness instructor blogs about weight loss and earns thousands monthly.

The lesson here is that what you know is worth something. Don’t be too quick to dismiss your knowledge as inconsequential and worthless. Niche markets are huge. Yes, there may only be a handful of people who collect antique John Deere toy tractors in your hometown, but what about in your state, country, or in the whole world? Think about it like this and the niche suddenly becomes huge and the internet allows you to seek them out and market to them.

It’s a brave, exciting new world.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

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