SpeakingOfWealth.comAs a professional public speaker, you can learn a lot from tropical troubadour, Jimmy Buffett, if you pay attention. We’re not joking. On his recent release, Buffett Hotel, he sings about refusing to participate in the recent economic downtown. Listen up, people, because there is gold in those words! We’ve spoken here in the past of the difference between THE economy and YOUR personal economy. The former doesn’t necessarily have to influence the latter in a negative direction. In fact, your public speaking business could be booming from the fact that a sour national economy is characterized by one thing – problems!

Think about it. When jobs are scarce and doom and gloom in the air, people are frantic, looking for ways out of the mess they’re in. Pushed to mental, emotional and financial limits, they are going to be looking around for advice to help them change their situation. That’s where your speaking business comes in. First thing you need to do is figure out an angle that you can market to that is in high demand right now. Here are a few we thought of on the spot.

1. Working for yourself
2. How to make sure you don’t get fired
3. Starting a business is a bad economy

You get the idea. There are a few evergreen topics that never go out of fashion: money, sex, health. Find a niche topic somehow related to either of these three areas and you’re golden. Promote it well, deliver valuable information and there’s a good chance the terrible national economy will begin putting money into your personal economy. The cold, hard truth is that people don’t stop spending money on avenues for self-improvement just because they have less discretionary income and the economic ceiling is caving in on them. Instead, they might actually be more apt to spend money to relieve the financial pressure created by our present national condition.

Ultimately, hope continues to spring eternal in the human breast. If you can find a way to bottle and sell hope through your speaking business, you’re golden.

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