SpeakingOfWealth.comIf you haven’t figured it out yet, there is usually only one person in this life standing between you and success as a speaker, publisher, or author. Come on, who is it? You’ve probably already guessed – it’s YOU! One of the worst parts of the human brain that stymies us in so many of our endeavors is our fear, worry, or hesitancy to dream big.

Relatively speaking, we’re not going to be on this planet very long. Are you content to trudge your way through life? At Speaking of Wealth, it really bugs us that so many people lose sight of their goals and dreams of finding major success and all that it brings.

If you’re already working in the speaking field, have you hit it as big as you want? If so, congratulations, you’re one of the few. However, if you’re looking to kick the success quotient up to where you think it should be, consider getting out of your own way. What level of speaking, publishing, or writing success do you want? Recognize the following three names?

  • Tony Robbins
  • Michael Masterson
  • Stephen King

The common thread is they have all risen to the top of their respective professions. Would you like to replace one of those names with your own? You can do it. It won’t be easy and it likely won’t come quick, but why not move heaven and hell with your effort to make it so?

What have you got to lose?

The Speaking of Wealth Team

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