TwitterIs Twitter an online marketing tool you should pay attention to? To sum up the answer in a single word – probably. What is Twitter? Oh my, you have been under a rock for a while, haven’t you? Twitter is only one of the three most massively popular social media applications on the planet. If you haven’t cleared time for it in your marketing plan, well, you likely thought the circular wheel wouldn’t catch on either.

But exactly how can Twitter help you as a publisher? Good question. We’re the last to suggest you mindlessly follow a trend just because conventional wisdom suggests it’s a good idea. Let’s step beyond the initial “coolness” of the application and figure out how it can bring you more business as a professional speaker or publisher. Collecting followers just for the sake of the activity doesn’t make much sense unless they can either be:

1. Leveraged into a phantom marketing team to get the word out
2. Become paying customers

Either of these two results would be fine but let’s take the first one. For example, the New York Times has a Twitter account that is simply an RSS feed of stories posted on their website. About 2.5 million people follower their tweets, a substantial percentage of whom probably forward links to stories to friends who might otherwise never think to read the paper online or offline. Presto – instant marketing. And you don’t need millions of followers to note the impact. A few thousand or even a few hundred ardent followers of your content can give a serious boost to the bottom line.

Don’t fear Twitter. Own it.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

Speaking of Wealth

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