SpeakingOfWealth.comYou’re not stuck with the public speaking voice you might think you were born with. While such voices as Sean Connery, James Earl Jones, George Clooney, Cher and Ashley Judd likely have a certain genetic predisposition to sound pleasing to our ears, more likely is the fact that they learned early on how to use their chest cavity to add power and resonance to the words they spoke. A strong, warm, rich public speaking voice could be the missing ingredient that puts your career on the fast track.

The good news is that you can learn to change your voice. Make it deeper. Caress the audiences auditory sensors. The average Joe Blow walking around on the street uses his throat to power his voice. Nothing wrong with that. Most of us do. It’s easy and as natural as walking. As singers and successful public speakers will attest to however, it takes work to learn to reach down deep into the chest to find the voice you never knew existed. Should you choose to pursue voice development, you will likely be amazed at the difference between speaking from your throat versus finding the hidden power in the chest cavity and stomach diaphragm.

Is your voice okay right now or could it use some help? Try to get honest feedback from people you trust and who want you to succeed. If they give a lukewarm response on how pleasingly powerful your public speaking voice is, it’s time to find a vocal coach. Essentially, you’re looking to develop strength, stamina and control from an area of the body long neglected.

Ask around for vocal coach recommendations. The local music store or college music department might be a good place to start. Lessons won’t be prohibitively expensive and a short course of instruction will provide techniques to practice until you bring your voice up to speed. Maybe you’ve already got a sexy, strong vocal approach. Bully for you. Get out there and use it. The rest of us should realize that, like any other body part, the muscles that deliver air to the voice can be shaped and developed. We’re not promising you’ll become the next George Clooney but there’s a good chance that a better voice will have a positive effect on the rest of your life. Sound good, look good, BE good.

The Speaking of Wealth Team


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