YouTube is a fantastic tool for promoting any podcasting business. If you’re not aware of video podcasts, it might be time to research them, and how they can be used on YouTube to gain popularity.

Video Podcasts

Video podcasts take it up a notch by adding a visual element to regular audio podcasts. The element of video can bring a whole new audience to your podcast, particularly when uploaded in the right places. It can be a helpful way to build business, and it’s the perfect way to repurpose regular podcast content. With the right equipment, anyone can create high quality visual media.

How YouTube Can Build Your Audience

Jason Hartman believes in repurposing content, and with YouTube you have a fantastic opportunity to repurpose your podcast. According to the new statistics Google released on YouTube:

  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube monthly.
  • Over 4 million hours of video are watched per month.
  • Traffic from mobile devices has tripled.
  • Over 100 million people take social action on YouTube.
  • Millions of videos are favorited daily.
  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views.

By properly promoting your video podcast, it’s possible to take advantage of these fantastic statistics. So, if you’re not on YouTube yet, sign up, fill out a profile, and get started. Be sure to pack your subscription page and video descriptions with relevant keywords to reel in search engine traffic.

Subscriptions and Likes

One great feature which comes automatically with using YouTube for your podcasting needs is the ability to subscribe to channels and like videos. These features can be a fantastic tool for promoting any video podcast on YouTube. Once people subscribe, they’ll be notified whenever a new video is posted. This leads to more, consistent views.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are a friend on any website. Essentially, they’re another way to get subscribers and promote any content. By submitting your YouTube channel feed to multiple feed sites, it’s possible to hook yet another potential audience.


Embed YouTube video podcast’s onto your podcasting site for even more views. Get the embed code by clicking “share” and then “embed” on the YouTube video, and then pasting the embed code which appears into the HTML code on the webpage.


Promote YouTube videos by sharing the link among social sharing sites and other places. Send links out on a regular basis to keep people updated.

With a video podcast, you can build a substantial audience on YouTube. Interested in more podcasting strategies? Try listening to Live Streaming with Joe Player for more live-streaming and broadcasting strategies. (Top Image: Flickr | Jm3)

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