speaking businessTo the public speaker who wants to build his career without using the Internet – good luck. The World Wide Web is here and it”s here to stay. To ignore its presence is tantamount to embracing an unrecognized and slow-growing career, with much time spent watching the phone not ring and sorting through the daily mail for the offers to speak that don”t arrive. You might as well swear off pencils, deodorant, and consonants as well because, without the Internet, your speaking business is liable to be dead in the water. Pay attention to the following ways to market your speaking business online and there”s a good chance you”ll get yourself noticed in the game.

Get a Website: Sorry, to be the bearer of reality but any prospective client who inquires into your speaking services is going to ask about your website. You need to have one and it should have actual content on it (we”ll discuss that later). It could be just human nature but a lot of people don”t like making phone calls to hire a speaker as the first order of business. They”d rather browse a website at their convenience to get a feel for whether or not you would be a good fit for their event. Then they send an email, then follow up with a phone call. If you don”t have a website, none of the subsequent action takes place and you lose out on a chance to speak for money.

Provide Content: There are way too many website out there that are nothing more than glorified business cards. Maybe that works in some businesses but not yours. You need useful, engaging content in the way of articles or blog entries – after all, you”re in the business of communication, right? You”ve got to set the hook into a prospective client quickly. Estimates vary but, generally speaking, you have only a few seconds, certainly Du gottgör och håller skadeslöst casinot och/eller Poker Rum, dess direktörer, ämbetsmän, anställda, aktieägare, agenter och dotterbolag, den högsta ledningen och moderföretaget av casinot och/eller Poker Rum och alla dess dotterföretag mot någon och alla kostnader, utgifter, skyldigheter och skador (oavsett direkt, indirekt, speciell, följdriktig, exemplarisk eller straffande eller annan) som uppstår från något deltagande av dig i casinot och/eller Poker Rum. less than ten, to convince them that yours is a website worthy of a lengthier stay. You should have something to say because you are a speaker. To be a successful speaker means to also be a successful writer when it comes to marketing.

Become an Expert: You might be an expert but if no one knows it, what good does it do? Participate in forums, write articles to be posted on article directories, create press releases, and blog away at your website. And don”t forget to include a byline that states you”re an expert in whatever the topic is because people need the reinforcement. The more they run across your name in various locations on the Internet, and perhaps follow an included link, the higher the likelihood they”ll stay at your website awhile and maybe, just maybe, send you an inquisitive email about your speaking services.

And when it comes down to marketing your speaking business online, getting that random surfer with money to spend on a public speaker to reach out and touch you with an email is what”s it”s all about.

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