Google+, the official social network of Google, can benefit a content creator in a number of ways. Not only can building a loyal following on Google+ increase the audience for your content, but it can improve how well the content ranks for SEO purposes as well. The more followers, the better. Here’s how to increase your following on Google+.

Draw From Existing Sources

When joining a new social network, leverage, a concept Jason Hartman teaches in regards to income property investment, is a huge tool in garnering followers from one social network to the next. This applies to Google+ as well. Let followers on other social networks know about your new account on Google+, and ask them to visit you there for new updates. Any place you have influence can be used to garner new followers, and all you have to do is ask.

Share Fantastic Content

Creating fantastic content is probably the number one rule for any type of marketing. On Google+, sharing fantastic content can go a long way. Whether this content is your own or someone else’s, if it’s great quality and helpful to the audience, it can be shared. If the content is your own, sharing on Google+ can lead to a hefty following for a blog or podcast.

Strategically Engage

To build a large group of loyal followers, it’s a good idea to start engaging strategically based on what other people are posting. Adding thoughtful comments to relevant posts will make you stick out to like-minded people. This will get more people to click on your profile name and increase the likelihood that they will add you to one of their circles.

Leave Comments and +1

You should not only be leaving comments on posts, but creating conversation and “tagging” people in conversation. For instance, if you’d like to direct someone’s attention to a comment in a conversation, simply put “+” next to their name and they’ll be notified.

It’s also a good idea to +1 individuals occasionally. Consider contributing a +1 to comments they leave in threads, useful posts and shares, and anything else you can think of that’s mutually beneficial. By acknowledging individuals, participating in conversation, and showing you care about their opinion with a +1, they’ll feel more inclined to click on your profile and take an interest in what you have to share.

With these tips you can build a large following on Google+. Interested in learning more about Google+ marketing techniques? Read “6 Tips to Build a Google+ Presence” to learn more.

The Speaking of Wealth Team