Now that you’ve got a fancy new podcast up and running, how are you going to get people besides your mother to download and listen to it? Glad you asked because it’s not as difficult as you might believe. Got your pen and paper? Good. Here are four ways to get your podcast noticed.

1. Create an Email List – It’s a safe bet that any sort of product or service needs an email list as the promotion and marketing foundation. While it might seem counterintuitive at first, after all, why not just get them to subscribe to the podcast instead? Keep in mind that some people are still figuring all this subscription stuff out. Subscribing to an email update is often less scary.

2. Subscribe to Your Own Podcast – You heard right. Sign up in Odeo, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Google Reader, Bloglines, and any other you can think of. This time the question is likely to be, “But why?” If a service has even a single subscriber to a feed, it at least knows the thing exists and will index it, which makes it easier for the next person to find it. That’s a good thing.

3. Book Interesting Guests – Don’t underestimate the value of doing your best to secure interesting and, more importantly, well connected guests. Think of it like this. Any guest you interview is likely to include a link to it on his or her own (hopefully) well-traveled website. The crossover traffic could expose your spectacular podcast to a whole new audience.

4. Press Releases – A press release might seem hopelessly old fashioned in this day and age, but don’t be fooled. These things still work, and it’s easy to submit them to a variety of online directories. Do yourself a favor and research the proper format and content first, though. It can’t be a blatant sales pitch. Find something truly newsworthy in a particular podcast episode and play up the angle.

While there are approximately 400 million unique ways to promote a podcast, don’t attempt them all at once. Focus on these four in the beginning. Rinse and repeat. You should start to see results soon.

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