To be popular on YouTube or any other video podcasting site, it’s important to have a polished video podcast which will keep the audience coming back. Here are some tips to create the best video podcast possible.

Use an Editor

Unless you know something about video editing, it might be a good idea to find someone who can do it for you. Many professional YouTube channels have someone who does the editing for them, and there’s a reason for it. By doing your own editing, without knowing some of the finer points, you can really miss out on opportunities to fine tune the video and make it presentable and professional for the audience.

Create a Schedule

Planning is an important part of the success of any podcast, video or not. In order to be successful, it’s vital to be consistent. Decide when you’re going to shoot, how much time it’s going to take for editing and post-production, and what day(s) you’re going to post the video podcast each week. The audience will begin to rely on you for consistency and tune in on a regular basis.

Be Yourself

Jason Hartman knows the importance of being yourself. Just like in a regular podcast, people are visiting your video podcast to see you, because you have something to offer them and have the ability to present it in an interesting and unique way. For this reason, success can come from just being yourself. Let the audience know you’re a real person who can connect with them. They’ll relate with you more.

Capture Interest

To retain an audience, it’s important to capture their interest and keep them engaged. This can be done with useful information, visually appealing editing, and personality. It’s also important to include personal engagement with the podcast audience. Consider running contests and encouraging discussion. You may even consider appearing on other shows and working together with other popular video podcasters if you have the chance. This will get you noticed by more people and intrigue the audience. Also think about having guests on the show to provide a new perspective on certain topics.

Consider a Guest Speaker or Co-host

Every now and then there might be times where it won’t be possible to consistently host the show, and this could be a problem. One potential solution is hiring a co-host or a guest speaker to host the show while you’re gone. Feature them on screen with you at least a few times before handing the show over to them, but remember how important consistency is. The audience will likely enjoy the second personality and interaction which a guest speaker or co-host can provide.

With these tips you can start on the road to building a successful video podcast. Remember how important quality of content is, and to always think of the audience. Know any more video podcasting techniques? Feel free to tell us in the comments. (Top Image: Flickr | Racum)

The Speaking of Wealth Team