Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, at some point the urge may strike to turn your work into a podcast. This is not a bad idea. In fact, it might allow you to tap into an entirely new audience, but there is a way to go about it and a way to have it blow up in your face. Here are six steps to properly podcast your book and avoid that blowing up part.

1. Finish the Book – This might seem self-evident but there will be a temptation to podcast as you write. The problem arises when, halfway through the book, you embark upon a major rewrite that changes the first sections, which you have already recorded and posted. Oops.

2. Edit the Book – Once again, you’re going to be tempted to throw that puppy out on a podcast the moment you finish it. And once again, you should refrain. There may be logic errors or inconsistencies in the copy which you missed. It’s easy to do when you’re so close to the work. Keep in mind that readers will NOT miss them and you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

3. Record the Entire Book – Get the entire book recorded before you post a single episode. When releasing a book via podcast, it is important to keep to a weekly release schedule. By recording it all first, you stand a better chance of not skipping a week during the release schedule. Fans want their regular fix and you do not want to alienate readers.

4. Post Four Episodes – Don’t lift a finger to promote your podcast until you have four episodes ready to be listened to by the public. This much free content allows listeners plenty of chance to get hooked on the story. One episode might not be enough to do it (though it should!).

5. Now Promote – Devote at least some time to promotion every single day. We’re all busy but the difference between finding an audience and simply wasting pixels is how hard you’re willing to work at promotion. Use all methods available and go for it!

6. Get Busy on Book #2 – The point here is simple. One book does not a career make. Don’t stop working.

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