Video marketing has been around for many years and has evolved into a much simpler and far less expensive approach to reaching a desired customer base. Gone is the need to lug around huge video cameras and cords and cables, and the need to pay high fees for a professional studio. Jason Hartman interviews Perry Lawrence, aka Mr. Video, who has taken the steps used by professionals and distilled them down to an easy to use formula that guarantees better videos.

Perry shares his camera and microphone recommendations, explains simple lighting solutions that improve the look of video, and wireless solutions for an inexpensive startup. He also talks about the best kinds of videos to shoot, such as your core passions, called the “topical approach.” “Be a giver; give your audience what they’re there for,” advises Perry. Other approaches include vocabulary (the ABC’s of your product) and a diary approach.

The fundamental components of a good video production naturally include a beginning, middle and an end, which begins with establishing credibility and authority on your topic. Following is the body of the message, the time to be a giver. Set an expectation by telling them what to do next, such as signing up for a newsletter. Perry stresses the importance of limiting the whole production to 3 – 5 minutes, which he describes as the YouTube sweet spot.

Perry has been in video production for over 20 years and has produced, shot, and/or edited videos for companies like Merck, Maxwell House, Nickelodeon, P&G, Ogilvy & Mather, IBM, and many others. As President of the Video Marketing Association and “Mr. Video,” Perry has quickly become the definitive resource for helping business owners and marketers strategically leverage the power of video.

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