public speaking careerAccording to Alan Weiss, Ph.D., and long time professional speaker, a public speaking career career is harder now than it has ever been over the past ten years. The reasons are plentiful: Enron, WorldCom, 9/11, a declining stock market, and soaring foreclosures. These factors and others cause some people to throw in the towel but don’t let that be your excuse. The sheer size of the American economy provides work for those willing to go after it with gusto. 640-822 certification

Yes, you likely need to make certain changes in the way you approach your public speaking career but most of them are common sense, such as the following:

Control Expenses: One of the most critical factors to small business success, and make no mistake, you are a small business, is to control expenses. Don’t plunk down a grand for that new computer system or decide to upgrade to a fancy new office just for kicks. In today’s business climate, that simply doesn’t make sense. If you absolutely need them, that is, of course, a different story. First, sit down and take a hard look at each dollar going out to make sure it is necessary. 640-822 certification

Improve Marketing Materials: Instead of dropping big bucks on the things we just mentioned, concentrate instead on upgrading your brochures, website, and other collateral materials. Stand out in the crowd by focusing on completing at least one inexpensive marketing technique daily.

Most of all, never forget the tactic that has helped more than one public speaking career – network, network, network. Any time. Any where. You’ll be glad you did.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

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