Are Facebook Ads Better Than Google Ads

Did you know those reappearing ads on the side of your Facebook page are actually more attracting to consumers than Google ads? That’s right, Facebook has officially taken over Google when it comes to ads. These findings come from several quarter reports over recent years with future predictions of this successful media source to hang onto their title for quite some time, which is why your advertisements will find better results investing in Facebook ads over Google ads.

What makes Facebook ads so much better than Google ads? The answer: Your daily engagement on Facebook. Facebook knows you and caters to your likes, wants and interests from you constantly posting your up-to-the-minute status on what you’re doing, where you’re going or what you’re looking purchase online. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Facebook’s daily active users continue to climb, growing 21 percent to 802 million on average (2014), which is all the more reason for Facebook ads to grab your attention and flash what you want all over the screen.

So why should you invest your time and money into Facebook? Because your ads will reach your target audience without having to search for your products, that and the fact that setting up Facebook ads are much easier.

Your customized keywords are directed to your target audience and their interests, which are seen several times throughout the day. According to reports users spend an average of eighteen minutes on Facebook per visit, and their visits could be several times throughout the day. The strategic design behind Facebook ads allows your ad to constantly target your audience, following them through their every post, like and share. These ads are based on interests of the Facebook user and what they currently sharing with others. As for Google, their ads are more of a find-it-yourself kind of advertisement, meaning you have to search for what you want and the ads of similar interests to your search will eventually appear. These ads are based on that one search, but not on your overall likes and interests, like Facebook. Google holds your focus in one area, which is exactly the opposite of how Facebook operates, spinning your page with a variety of ads specific to your interests and likes.

Facebook advertisements are excellent for the average business owner or individual, with easy-to-use ads and simple formats to target a specific market. As for Google ads, these are too complicated for the average individual or business owner wanting real, successful results. Considering one company lost over $1 million in Google ads because they didn’t follow company’s policies, a lot of money can be put into the wrong kind of advertisement so know what you’re doing before investing too much with no return.

Even Ken Wisnefski, Founder of WebiMax and a respected leader in the online marketing industry believes Facebook ads are worth it for the mobile space. On the Speaking of Wealth Show Ken advised users that “Facebook is better than Google AdWords right now.” Sharing great insight and expertise in this particular interview of generating leads, concentrating on Facebook ads.

CNN agrees, sharing their thoughts of Facebook taking over the mobile market of advertising and passing Google’s momentum in the online advertising market. In fact, Facebook’s mobile ad market share rose to about 18.5% this year, up from 17% one year ago. Comparing numbers, Google’s mobile market share dropped from 47% in 2013 to 40.5% this year. As for revenue, mobile ads remained the largest money maker for Facebook with their ads generating $2.27 billion for the social network in one quarter alone, which is an increase of 82 percent from the same period a year earlier.

Overall, as you consider the decision to invest in Facebook ads or Googles ads, take a look at the current revenue Facebook has generated, their strategic abilities to cater to your target market and the easy-to-use setup for ads. Your answer then should lean towards Facebook ads over Google ads, but if it doesn’t, then we want to hear your thoughts on the Speaking of Wealth Facebook page.

photo credit: johnscotthaydon via photopin cc