iPad appsIt seems like every new techno-toy out of the gate is going to “revolutionize” the publishing industry. Well, kiddies, it seems like this one just might. We’re talking about Apple’s iPad, which seems to have kicked the public appetite for digital consumption into high gear. Apple announced sales of 300,000 iPads on the first day. On the same day, more than 250,000 books were downloaded from the iBookstore, and over a million iPad apps were downloaded.

Better believe this one’s hitting big. Publishers, speakers, and entrepreneurs of any sort should be burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how to cash in on this wide open field. The transition of books from print to digital, as a one off purchase, seems to be picking up speed. It’s not so much the case with magazines and newspapers yet. The trick is going to be to translate their traditional subscription model to a digital platform. The technical hurdles are quite low. The question remains how much digital content, and in what form, are people willing to pay for?

Smart cookies are already hard at work designing and implementing iPad apps for download which will lead users right back to their product or service. Remember when cell phone apps took off? The iPad is going to be exactly the same. This is one tsunami you want to get in front of and ride the wave like a world class surfer.

Remember, when it comes to apps, you don’t have to actually write the code yourself. Once you have the idea of what you want the application do, head online to a place like eLance or any of a number of other freelance creative hangouts and hire somebody to build the thing. If it hits big, the expense will seem negligible. Actually, even if it doesn’t take off right away, you could likely get the whole things coded and released for a few hundred, certainly no more than one thousand dollars.

So what are you waiting for iPad app guru?

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