become a public speakerRecent years have brought an entire new paradigm to the creation of a professional public speaker. We’ll call it How to Become a Public Speaker 2.0. Back in the old days, say pre-2005, a budding speaker fought and scratched for his first gig, mailed promo kits, and hoped for decent word-of-mouth. Oh, and better be a helluva handshaker and face-to-face networker.

The internet has been game changer.

The tools of social media, blogs, podcasting, digital publishing, and Pay-Per-Click advertising make it possible for anyone who wants to become a public speaker to do so, provided, of course, you’re not horrible at it. No amount of cyber-trickery can overcome that deficit. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of your new marketing model.

1. Regularly updated blog to function as your internet hub.

2 . Email list building mechanism in place with a free product giveaway.

3. Press releases, Pay-Per-Click article marketing, press releases, podcasting, and social media feed traffic into the blog.

4. Sell ancillary products and market speaking engagements through blog.

As we said, this is a thumbnail sketch but does give you a quick rundown of the various parts of the Speaker 2.0 marketing machine that need to be in place to grow your business in the Age of the Internet. However, no matter how many fancy bells and whistles you employ, there’s no substitute for being good at what you do, so remember to develop your speaking chops early and often, because the best way to become a public speaker is to be a really good one.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

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