Aaron Hoos, real estate copywriting expert

SW 216 – Sales Copy with REI Focus with Aaron Hoos

Jason Hartman talks with Aaron Hoos, a funnel design expert, about good copywriting and sales funnels. Key Takeaways: [5:08] The importance of a headline, and where headlines, unexpectedly, show up today [11:01] The founders of copywriting strategy [15:17] Working through the sales funnel Websites Mentioned: www.realestateinvestingcopywriter.com

Jim Beach, School for Startups

SW 213 – School for Startups with Jim Beach

  Jim Beach is the founder of School for Startups and former Professor at Georgia State University. He was the co-founder and CEO of American Computer Experience of Atlanta, which became the world’s largest technology training company for children. He talks with Jason about the entrepreneurial bet with his students, how creativity is overrated in…