SW 289 – FBF – Using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for Your Social Media Marketing with Deirdre Breakenridge

Today’s Flash Back Friday takes us back to Episode 47. Social media has taken the world by storm, becoming the most used medium for advertising, information sharing, and business development, with many platforms through which to reach and network with customers around the world. Jason Hartman interviews Deirdre Breakenridge on the changes in public relations,…


SW 285 – The No BS Guide to Powerful Presentations: the Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Sell Anything with Dustin Mathews

Dustin Mathews, founder and CEO of Speaking Empire, joins Jason Hartman to discuss whether long copy is still appropriate in today’s society, how to make a presentation that will engage your audience and help you sell your products, the power of step-by-step processes, and many more tips to help you become more successful than ever.…

Kim Mateus, Senior Partner of Mequoda Group, LLC

SW 284 – FBF – Best Practices for Online Publishers & Marketers with Kim Mateus of the Mequoda Group

Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 25 from September 2010. Jason Hartman talks with Kim Mateus, Senior Partner of Mequoda Group, LLC who leads the Mequoda Research Team responsible for content development for events, seminars, workshops and in-house training programs. She works with new and existing consulting clients to help assess their current internet…