communication skill trainingAlmost everyone likes to get their own way or convince people that their opinion is right. It’s built into the human DNA, so might as well admit it. What particularly amazes us at Speaking of Wealth is what genuinely poor communicators people are, in general. Self-absorbed, stammering, mind wandering around in search of a coherent thought. And it’s not about lack of intelligence – well, sometimes it is – but more often it’s a simple lack of communication skill training. What’s worse, as computers and the Internet integrate themselves further into society, the more boorish our communication becomes.

As a professional speaker, you can’t risk that.

The first lesson in your communication skill training is that communication involves both a sender and receiver. As sender, you have not successfully communicated anything if your target audience is standing (or sitting) there with a glazed look in their eyes, wondering when you’re going to stop harassing them. Browbeating others about the head with information you want to convey doesn’t count as communication.

Even if you’re speaking in front of a group, keep in mind that communication is a two way street. Don’t just stand there blathering. Stay tuned to your audience and non-verbal clues that they are interested and assimilating what you’re saying. Are they watching? Listening? Leaning forward so as to not miss a word? Maybe they’re slumped sideways against their neighbor sawing logs. That’s not necessarily a sign that they are inconsiderate boobs. It might indicate that you aren’t communicating well.

Need a fast tip on how to stop bloviating and start actually communicating? Shift your focus outward. Make it all about the audience and less about yourself. For some people that simple step in communication skill training is easy. For some it’s like pulling teeth. Hardest thing they’ve ever done. Good communication is about being selfless rather than selfish.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

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