No sooner had we published an entry extolling the services of online publisher Clickbank than it was brought to our attention that there is another player in the field. Since 2004, the website E-junkie has been experiencing slow, steady growth as an alternative to Clickbank, offering much the same services for selling online products but with a different pricing model.

As you recall, Clickbank charges an online publisher $50 to set up the digital product for delivery, then a percentage of each sale – not high but noticeable. E-junkie has chosen to go a different route, replacing the Clickbank model with a flat monthly fee. For $5 per month, online publishers can host up to 10 digital products for sale. There is no percentage taken for each individual sale. Only the monthly fee. 20 products cost $8 and so on.

The rest of the E-junkie services seem similar. Cisco 642-104

  • Copy and paste “Buy Now” buttons
  • Affiliate management
  • Inventory management
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Digital storage and delivery
  • Multiple payment processors

Of course, there’s more but it would be easier for you to visit each company’s respective website and make a side-by-side comparison. E-junkie does offer a free one week trial to give their services a whirl. Maybe E-junkie fits your online publisher style better. Maybe Clickbank does. In Speaking of Wealth’s opinion, competition is always good.

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