Speaking of Wealth ShowBefore hanging your shingle out and declaring yourself a professional consultant, there is one small matter to attend to. Are an expert on something? That’s sort of a requirement to a successful consulting career. But even more than being an expert, you should also verify that your knowledge set is in demand. While your brain might contain the total knowledge in the universe related to collecting and displaying belly button lint, is there an actual market that will pay good money to have you impart that wisdom? In this niche world of Internet marketing, there is such a thing as being too esoteric or niche-y.

The following list is our opinion of hot consulting career choices right now.

1. Accounting: When it comes to the financial needs of a business, expect this consulting choice to never go away. Doesn’t matter how large or small the business is. They need a number cruncher.

2. Advertising: This is another reliable consulting choice for those with an interest and/or talent in advertising or marketing.

3. Business Writing: In this Internet world of fractured English, employees, and even managers, it’s often difficult to turn out a simple memo, much less a coherent report. If you have writing skills, there is no shortage of companies in dire need of your assistance.

4. Career Counseling: As the era of corporate downsizing continues full speed ahead, a growing army of befuddled mid-lifers looking for a new career continues to grow. Enter the career consultant to help guide them into a happy and productive next phase of life.

5. Gardening: Gardening consultant? You read right. This previously unheard of consulting career is now a million dollar industry. Expect to find business from companies of all sizes and people too busy to tend to their own plot of land.

6. Grants: When the economy is feeble, businesses and individuals become desperate to apply for a portion of the billions of dollars in funds available from public and private sources. Learn how to write a grant that results in money and you’re golden.

A few other consulting areas to keep in mind are general writing services, human resources, computers, public relations, publishing, and taxes. This isn’t the final word in choosing your consulting specialty but all of these have demonstrable demand in today’s world.

The Speaking of Wealth Team


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