motivational speakerTo any potential speakers younger than 40, don’t get paranoid if you tell a group of friends your new career goal is to become a motivational speaker and you’re met with a round of snickers and guffaws. It’s not the idea per se that seems so ludicrous but maybe a good chance they watched the Saturday Night Live episode many years ago starring the now deceased, Chris Farley, as high-strung motivational speaker, Matt Foley, who is invited into a couple’s home to deal face-to-face with their kids’ illicit drug issues.

I don’t care who you are, this is funny stuff. If you don’t believe us, watch for yourself at the link below.

Matt Foley – Motivational Speaker

If you’re too busy to take time for a good laugh, we’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version so you won’t be hanging clueless when the topic comes up in casual conversation. Matt Foley’s keynote speech is called “Go For It!” but he spends most of his time trying to scare the kids straight by describing his own dead end life with the classic threat that they’ll end up living in a “van down by the river.” Farley’s impressive bulk packed tightly into incredibly out of fashion clothes, manic energy, physical pratfalls, and strange brand of motivation by destruction is the kind of laugh-out-loud funny stuff you don’t often see.

Highlights include informing the children they’re probably not going to amount to “jack squat” and will likely end up “eating a steady diet of government cheese and living in a van down by the river.” Things go from bad to worse when the son, played by David Spade, declares his intention to become a writer. When the parents jump in to save him from Foley’s sarcasm, the motivational speaker screams for the father, Phil Hartman, to “just shut your big yapper.”

The end result is Foley decides to move in with the family in order to keep a close eye on the children. The skit closes with him getting so excited about the prospect he falls face forward into the coffee table, splintering it.

Ha enough? Come on, go watch it already. The link’s up there.

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