Speaking of Wealth ShowThe economy is still tanking, people are out of work everywhere, and foreclosure signs continue popping up at a fearful rate. How can this be a good climate to start any business? What you”re forgetting is that public speaking engagements are all about solving problems for people, and you can bet a large percentage of them have a heap of distress on their plate right now. If your topic already addresses how to solve some of the specific problems facing Americans today (jobs, debt, and foreclosure to name a few) you”re on the money train. If your topic doesn”t address these issues directly, figure out a way to massage the material so that it does.

Seriously. People are hurting and they want it to stop. The sad truth is that most people will dig deep into an already decimated personal budget to cough up the money it takes to hear a speaker or read a book that promises to help them with their overwhelming problem. Most often, the solution is within us but self-analysis and motivation aren”t qualities always evident when we”re needy.

The concept you should keep in mind while going about building a public speaking business is “THE economy” versus “YOUR economy.” To paraphrase a line from a Jimmy Buffett song, just because there”s a recession doesn”t mean you have to Gambling participate. Instead of whining about the economy, kick your marketing plan into high gear, recognize there is no such thing as job security anymore but that doesn”t mean you can”t make a heck of a lot of money this year. Right now!

What are you waiting for? You already have everything you need to turn your public speaking business into a highly profitable endeavor. You don”t need to buy product or rent a space. All you need to do is get the news out that you”re the cat”s meow when it comes to speaking engagements. Once again, what exactly is it you”re waiting for? The starter pistol?


Keep this in mind and you can”t fail – you”re not selling speeches, you”re solving problems. No matter the form your message takes, DVD”s, CD”s, books, reports, digital downloads, podcasts, the strategy is the same. Fix people”s problems and you can”t go wrong.

The Speaking of Wealth Team


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