Jason HartmanSome readers who have followed Jason Hartman since the the early days of Platinum Properties Investor Network are familiar with his story of his reaching multi-millionaire status in his twenties through real estate, then starting his own charitable foundation and expanding his business into areas like travel, modern economic survival, and even speaking your way to wealth, which is the subject of this blog and podcast.

While Jason’s path to speaking success may not have followed the classic path, coming from a real estate background, he combined his innate communication skills with modern technology to reach out to audiences in a slightly unorthodox manner that has worked like a charm. In a word – podcasting. If you want a refresher course on Jason Hartman’s first podcast project, check out the Creating Wealth Show HERE. To date, there are 186 episodes crammed full of great interviews with thinkers and doers from all walks of life; names you’ve heard of like Patrick Buchanon, Robert Kiyosaki, and more.

Jason likes podcasting to spread his messages because it’s delivered at the time and in the manner of the listener’s choosing and (this is a big one) let’s not forget about the world wide reach. The Creating Wealth Show is bending ears with great content in more than two dozen countries. Each show is tendril seeking body heat across the globe, seeking out those who want more than they have and are eager to learn from those who have already made it.

Ultimately, a podcast is nothing more than a speaker making a presentation in a really big room (the earth). Instead of trying to corral an audience into one room, go to them by podcast and talk to each and every one of them exactly when it’s convenient for them. Jason Hartman did, is still doing so, and it’s worked pretty well for him.

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