Live Streaming

Jason Hartman is joined by internet marketing expert, Joe Player to talk about live streaming and broadcasting with the web. Live streaming media, or webcasting, is becoming more and more popular. It has many uses, including marketing or reviewing products, seminars, training, concerts, etc. The Japan tsunami was streamed live as it happened, bringing an eyewitness account of the natural disaster.

Joe talks about how well live streaming has worked for training and marketing events. He shares his first experience with live streaming, a small party that he streamed for a friend, which ended up with 123 viewers online to watch the party as it was going on. It’s a great example of how easy it can be to attract followers. Joe explains what is needed to stream an event successfully, including equipment, costs, an adequate length for a streamed event, and content distribution networks.

He explains how encoding software works and gives examples of some of the available software if using multiple cameras. Webcasts can be highly successful when produced well. Joe stresses not to be afraid to pitch a product, while educating and keeping guests entertained. There are many great applications and opportunities for live streaming, and many creative ways to produce a high quality stream with many followers.