Join Jason Hartman as he and Don Osborne, President and Founder of INQUARTA, discuss powerful, yet simple internet marketing techniques to boost your small business. Listen at Don shares his expertise on how to get started and what to do next when marketing your business online, as well as how to get the financial results you desire.

Don Osborne founded INQUARTA in 1994 and has counseled over 2,000 applicants to graduate school. Don has worked for The Princeton Review as co-author of their MCAT verbal program and author of the “Verbal Accelerator” course. A prolific speaker and author, Don has delivered more than 400 speeches and is the author of 15 books, guides, planners and DVDs available through INQUARTA Publishing. He has been an adjunct faculty member with the University of Redlands, where he taught economics and financial management. He earned his MBA from Pepperdine University in 1991. Don is also Lead Trainer and Course Developer for Nitro Marketing and is the co-organizer of Orange County Internet Marketers.

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Jason Hartman: It's my pleasure to welcome Don Osborne to the show. He is the Course Designer and Lead Trainer for Nitro Marketing and he is going to have a lot of great things to share today about internet marketing about getting started, about taking the step and becoming full time at it, producing your own info products and then changing your mindsets so you can have really, really big success in the online world. Don, welcome to the show.

Don: Thanks, Jason, how are you?

Jason Hartman: Fine, thanks, great to have you on. I am really looking forward to this and hearing more about your expertise. So, what's up in your world today?

Don: Well, right now I think the main things up for me is I am really working through for myself as well as for my students the whole like how do you stay productive in the face of challenges aspect of internet marketing and marketing in general.

Jason Hartman: And when you say that, are you referring to the economy we happen to be facing today?

Don: Yes. As well as what goes on in our real lives on a day-by-day basis. How many times have you been to a seminar and you have been really pumped up, attended the seminar, really had a good idea, really liked it and then you get back home fully intending to implement the stuff that you learned, but implementation never happened?

Jason Hartman: Yeah, you know Don, too many times. [Laughter] More than I care to say. More than I care to say. Well, what can burgeoning online entrepreneurs do to overcome that, I mean, that's a great place to start?

Don: Here is what I have been thinking about. I have been thinking about this one for a long, long, long time. I have been to more personal development, personal growth events, I have been to more internet marketing events in my professional time than most people and I can tell you that from everything that I've seen there is a lot of stuff out there, a lot of different ways, and people have all kinds of different ideas about, “Oh, set a goal, you know, I want to accomplish the goal and make a list and da da da” and you know what? I really believe that the Holy Grail , the one piece of all this that seems to work really, really well is, you have to get out of your real life.

Jason Hartman: So, what do you mean by that? How do people get out of their real life?

Don: If you are seriously looking at wanting to make a system that earns you money online and you want to build that system, you got to get out of your real life. You got to get up, you got to leave what you are doing, you got to go some place out, park and focus. And for me that might be the library, it might be Starbucks, but a of the places that I have seen that I think that work really well, the whole idea of just getting into hotel rooms doesn't have to be the most expensive hotel room on the planet, but getting me out of my routine and just sitting somewhere else, that's where all I have to do is wake up, get up and work on the project and got nothing else distracting me, that to me works like magic.

Jason Hartman: That is very powerful. When people want to get into the world of internet marketing and info-preneurship if you will, do you recommend certain niche markets or people that come to you for this kind of training just looking at everything or are they in particular verticals?

Don: Well, I will tell you here is what very commonly happens at the live events, the implementation trainings that I run. Very very common is participants will come in and they will ask me, ask the team, what is the perfect niche for me? What should I do? Where is the hot – where is people making money? What's the hot thing right now? Where is all the traffic? What's the good deal to do? And having done this now for several years and worked with, you know, literally thousands of students, one thing I know about niche creation and taking your niche is it's really the backwards way I go about doing it is to try to figure out what the right niche is. It is completely backwards. Looking for a perfection in what you are picking for your niche ultimately will never work. You will never get an outcome.

Jason Hartman: So, what should people do instead?

Don: Start, I mean, literally, like pick it up and go, you know what? Screw it. I am just going to go ahead, I am going to start in the blank niche, I am going to just pick one and go for it. It doesn't really matter which one. This is not my last niche on the planet. This is not the niche that is going to make me millions and millions of dollars. It's the niche that is going to give me the experience that I need to get over the whole “what should I be doing” step.

Jason Hartman: Right, exactly and I agree with you, Don. That's what I say to people all the time, you learn by doing. There is wisdom, there is massive wisdom just in taking action. I am a big believer in that is that you just jump in and start doing things and the learning takes care of itself, the opportunities arise, the senses are more attuned at seeing opportunities maybe for that right niche instead of sitting back in an analytical fashion and trying to say, “Well, this is really under served” or “This is popular and I should be there” couldn't agree more with what you are saying.

Don: You know, there is a big however in all this. And the big however is okay, well, I am going to take any niche then I am going to start, however I am going to start perfect. That's the problem. You got to get out of the whole, “How do I do it right” piece and wherever you are at, as you know, you know, anytime you solve a problems, the solution by definition creates a new problem. And every time I am faced with a new problem, the very first thing I ask myself is, “How do I solve this problem perfectly?” It's just a never ending spiral and that's why, you know, I jokingly call my events that I teach, I call them Perfectionism Rehab.

Jason Hartman: [Laughter] That's fantastic. Rehab for Perfectionists, so I like that, that's good.

Don: Yeah because we are all stuck in the perfectionism, right?

Jason Hartman: Right, right. Yeah, we definitely.

Don: Do you remember – and that's not long ago, right, when you were a little kid and you were playing outside, ever seen little kids go play outside?

Jason Hartman: Yeah, they just jump in and do it. They don't think about it.

Don: They do not criticism themselves for not being on a swing set perfectly. We just don't do that. As little kids we just don't evaluate. We are all about the journey, the experience. We are all about getting the feedback of okay, if I try this, what happens? I'm going to try and give this a shot and see if I can pump my legs and make this swing work and then I will adjust what I do based upon the feedback that I get. That's how we learn, that's how we have enjoyment, that's how we feel fulfilled, it's everything. Feedback is everything.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I couldn't agree more on the mindset and I kind of think in using that feedback to constantly tune our course and so forth. Excellent advice. Talk to us if you would, Don, about some of the specific steps an info-preneur takes from start to the middle to success?

Don: Okay. Step #1, are you building a system or are you building a mess? The vast majority of people are building a mess. Here is how you know it's a mess. It is a mess if you do not have a clear and singular path for your customers. Have you ever gone to IKEA and gone shopping?

Jason Hartman: Yes, and they have a path all around the store [laughter] that's very well good analogy, yeah.

Don: Well, it's perfect, it's perfect, because first you are going to see our display, it's a beautiful display, absolutely perfectly implemented. You've got a complete visual image of what this is going to look like when it's all put together and you have no choice but to go look at it first. Before we show you any inventory at all, you are going to see what a good one looks like in this store. If you don't know what the path that your customers are going to be taking with you is, your customers have absolutely no idea what the path should be and so guess what happens? You get into a fight about price and that's all customers know how to do is to argue about price. So, if you don't have a path, the customer certainly does and the path is, “You are too expensive, I don't want to buy it from you, I am going away.”

Jason Hartman: So, Don, I definitely see the problem when you say that of not being systematized, but what should the system be?

Don: Here you go. And if you have a pen, I would grab a pen and a piece of paper right now and I am going to write this down, I am going to tape it somewhere permanent in your life. Number one, traffic; number two, relationship; number three, first sale; number four, more sales. I will say it again. Number one, traffic generation; number two, relationship management, relationship creation; number three, make a sale; number four, make more sales. That's the system.

Jason Hartman: That's a nice, simple four-step system. It makes perfect sense. So, traffic, there do you get into search engine marketing, social networking, pay-per-click, do an offline advertising to generate traffic, tell us about traffic if you would?

Don: Yeah, that number one in traffic is to take one traffic methodology and learn it. Just pick one and learn it and then do it. For example, you can pick search engine optimization on your blog posts and you can learn to understand how a keyword relates to a search engine result page, how that relates to a browser, an individual who is searching for a solution and searching for help with the problem is driven to your website, how they arrive at your site and how you can monitor that and understand where your prospective customers have come from.

Jason Hartman: So, when you – you pick search engine marketing as an example, but I just want to ask you, is that your favorite first choice?

Don: Yup, absolutely.

Jason Hartman: Because you said pick one and learn and so you are really a fan of the organic type of marketing, right?

Don: I am a big fan of no resistance. I am a big fan of helping my students do something, anything as opposed to analyze and research everything. So, if you prefer social media, you want to do Facebook and that really turns you on, that gives you some motivation and so you actually sit down and do it, then Facebook is the number one way. If you love search engine optimization because you know in your heart of hearts that literally hundreds of millions of people are in to Google and the other search engines on a day-in, day-out basis and you just are so hungry to step in front of some of that traffic, then do search engine optimization. Whichever one you pick will absolutely 100% works because you are picking only one and you are getting good at it.

Jason Hartman: Good. So focus, clarity, that's – that's great. It removes a lot of the distraction. All right. So, one thing on traffic and the favorite in your eyes is search engine marketing, good. What about relationships, I mean, you are saying, “Have a system to create and manage them?“

Don: Absolutely, without any question in my mind.

Jason Hartman: How does one do that?

Don: If you don't establish a relationship with your prospective customer, they will not have a relationship with you and therefore they have no interest in you.

Jason Hartman: And how do you do that? Is that through e-mail newsletters or is it something more than staying in touch type of thing?

Don: You know, I am not a big fan of the word newsletter, so let me use my favorite word which would be e-mail auto responder sequence instead. So, I am writing blog posts specified key words that I had just decided was the good key word. That lot of those blog posts, make those blog posts show up in search engines. My prospective customers are looking for the same keywords that I am writing about so they now find my blog posts because they are looking. That takes them to my website, they read my blog posts because they like my content, because the content is so relevant. They then decide to opt in to my e-mail list and then I can begin the relationship management, relationship creation process. I can e-mail out meaningful content to them as well as explain to them my motivation, my products, my story, I can be vulnerable, I can be who I really am, and serve my readership in such a way that they get a win, they get a big result and that will cause them to trust and like and then ultimately love me and they will have a relationship.

Jason Hartman: And you are referring your two relationships with customers and potential customers. Any thoughts on relationships with, when you said that my mind instantly I don't know why it went to kind of like joint ventures and affiliates and that sort of thing, any thoughts on those?

Don: I think moving forward, joint ventures and affiliates are going to want at least some measure of reciprocation. There are exception to this, but for the bread and butter affiliate relationship, you are going to want to come to that opportunity with some assets and resources to share and the number one resource to share of course is going to be your list. So, if I don't have a list yet, then affiliate relationship development is not as critical as getting a list.

Jason Hartman: So, how do we get a list then?

Don: First thing, start writing blog posts based upon a keyword or a set of keywords that you know are going to be a good win for your niche, write about those, attract that traffic, drive people to your website, they will opt into your list and you will generate your own list. Once you have a list, don't have to be quite a million people, once you have a list that, you know, is substantial and substantially varies from marketplace to marketplace, then you can begin to go to other affiliates, other going with your partners and offer to cross the road and now you can really accelerate the creation of your list.

Jason Hartman: So, the list is the thing of value and the affiliate relationships makes a lot of sense to me. Any other types of relationships, info marketers and online marketers should be thinking of affiliates, customers obviously, anybody else?

Don: Probably a good 60, 70, 80% of the people on your list are non-buyers, so they have a problem that you touched, but the solution that you proposed didn't work for them somehow. So that's another very big opportunity for you in terms of a real meaningful relationship that serves them, I mean, really truly serves them. You get to go talk back to them via e-mail and say, “Hey, look my particular solution didn't work for you, so I am obviously missing something. What is it that you really need?” and then help them by going again through an affiliate relationship, planning an affiliate product that you believe will fulfill the – solve the problem that they are having and then deliver it to them.

Jason Hartman: So then comes the time to make sales. Well, really the first sale, right? [laughter]

Don: The first sale, that first dollar. So here I am – I have started to generate some traffic, I've got some leads, I have some people who have opted in to my list and now I can go out find affiliate products that I know fit my niche, then I can offer those affiliate products directly to my list, I don't need permission from, you know, the person who created the product because his affiliate program or her affiliate program automatically gives me permission, I sign a business affiliate and I just start to promote his or her product so I can make my first dollar and I can do that relatively quickly in days or perhaps weeks depending on the niche and depending on how successful your traffic generation strategy has become, so it can happen very quickly.

Jason Hartman: So, that's in terms of the affiliate marketing stuff. So, now we have got our first sale and we are excited, we are sort of proving the concept if you will, we see that this really works. How do we make it big?

Don: The “making it big” piece is like some aspect of the Holy Grail of internet marketing. As you know in affiliate marketing, when I am an affiliate for you, you know, you are the creator of the product and I am the affiliate, and let's say, you know, I get, you know, 20, 30, 40, 50% of the sale, that's a nice percentage, say on a $100 sale maybe I make, you know, 25 to 50 bucks, it's pretty good. If I am the owner of the product, and I now can go out and I can sell my product to my customers, I have two very powerful outcomes that are different from affiliate marketing. The first outcome is that when I make a $100 sale to my own list, I get to keep $100. And in my world $100 is better than $25. The second thing I can do is this. Because I am the product owner, I can now offer my product to other people within my niche as an affiliate product to them. So, instead of me selling your product, now you are selling my product. Here is where that becomes extremely powerful. What happens if I don't just have one affiliate or I would have two affiliates, I have three affiliates? What happens when I have 3000 affiliates?

Jason Hartman: Really good things start to happen, but how do you get the [laughter] 3000 affiliates?

Don: Ah, it's a great question. So, how you get the 3000 affiliates is by having a product and a sale system that is highly successful that you have a proven record that will convert. It's a very easy conversation to have. If I have a sales letter but I know you send traffic to or I send traffic to and 20 to 25% of that traffic buys the product, I can call up any stranger in my niche and say, “Hey, I have got a product you might be interested in, I want to send you a free sample of it own by the way, my conversion is 25%” they are going to jump on the product, because it is a good bet. Now, it does serve their customers, I mean, really meaningfully help their customers and also means some pretty fast cash for the affiliate.

Jason Hartman: Sure, but how do we prove that concept of that 25% conversion rate? I mean, that's a, you know, that's really the Holy Grail of it, you know?

Don: Ah, excellent, excellent, how you put the…

Jason Hartman: [Laughter] Yeah.

Don: Exactly, how you put the concept is really straightforward. You have the product, you have created annual sales letter and you advertise your product to your own list and in your test evaluate how your list converts to your own product. Once you have that figured out, then you are able to go out and you can identify one or two affiliates and say, “Hey, here's how it's converted for me in my list, let's see how it converts for you in yours, begin to build the experience.” You will notice the pattern here and that pattern is one of let's go test and get a result, let's go try something and get some feedback. It's all about the feedback. It's all about the feedback.

Jason Hartman: Let me take a brief pause. We will be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: Well, I like this four-step process a lot because it really removes a lot of the clutter and a lot of the junk and a lot of the – just a massive distractions we all face as internet marketers, but with these four-steps, I mean, it's interesting in concept and you definitely laid it out nicely, but can you share any stories or case studies, if you will, of maybe some of your students and what they did, because I think lot of the listeners might be really wondering well, can you give an example of a product, what product can someone do this with and how did it work for them?

Don: Sure, no problem. So, one of the niches that I work in is college admissions and specifically in graduate school admissions and so I have a product called Personal Statement Secrets. As you know, when you have to go to a grad school, you got to write an essay in your application. That's a problem for a lot of college students. So, I created a product which helps college students write their personal statement for medical school in this case.

Jason Hartman: And that's a information product that just sort of teaches them maybe like find out what is unique about them or the angle they should pursue in the essay or what?

Don: Exactly, it's got a template that they fill out and it's got some example personal statements with some annotation that I have done that says, here is what this person said and this is good, here is what this person said and it is not so good. So, I advertised that product to my list, you know, and made 40, 50 sales in a matter of three or four days, very very simple to do, very easy to do. And for me that was over a three or four days period which is, you know, $3000, $4000 of revenue that otherwise I would not have seen. In my opinion, there are many, many, many people out there who can do the exact same thing. They have either some enthusiasm about a particular area or they have some expertise in their particular niche, in their particular profession and they can summarize that expertise and deliver that very, very affordably. So that's the first example.

Jason Hartman: And what kind of numbers have you been able to achieve if you, I mean, you don't have to share them if you don't want, maybe you can just talk generally but just thought I ask?

Don: Yeah, no problem, I mean, my product the graduate school admissions niche or the medical school admissions aspect through internet marketing I have increased my own income incrementally by over $200,000 a year. There is another example I can give you. A German by the name of Brent Abel, his website is, Brent uses his exact same methodology. His traffic strategy of choice is YouTube videos that drives traffic back to his blog, his website. He sells $37 videos that you can download about different aspects of Tennis. How do you serve? How do you hit a forehand? How do you hit a backhand? How do you hit a forehand when you want to step closer to the net? How do you hit a backhand when your opponent is giving you a bad time with a certain kind of spin? How do you do off-spin serves? When you come to net, what kind of balls should you use? What does those look like and why? $37, download; if you want to buy a disk, he charges you $10 more.

Jason Hartman: And how many is he selling? This looks pretty good. I am looking at his site now.

Don: Yeah, beautiful site, yes.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, does the job definitely.

Don: So, what would you guess? You know, the tennis niche.

Jason Hartman: It's not that big anymore.

Don: What do you think he is making a year? Do you think he is making, you know, 50, 60 Grand?

Jason Hartman: I don't know, golf is the big thing now. It's unfortunately I – I love tennis. Unfortunately, golf is kind of taken over in the past couple of weeks.

Don: Okay. So, I think that's all myth, right. I mean, golf has only taken over for golfers.

Jason Hartman: Right, well true, fair enough. So, I don't know, was he – 150,000 a year, I don't know?

Don: He's got a quarter million dollars a year that he is doing.

Jason Hartman: Wow.

Don: And guess what he sells on the back end of this? Guess what his up sell is, his big ticket item?

Jason Hartman: It's a tennis camp I bet.

Don: He has got no back end. Nothing.

Jason Hartman: Nothing. It's just the video, that's it.

Don: Quarter million dollars a year on $37 video. Come on.

Jason Hartman: Wow, wow.

Don: Everybody can do this.

Jason Hartman: That's amazing. [laughter] That's really exciting.

Don: That's right. That is in the realm of oh my God, amazing, you got to be kidding me, really?

Jason Hartman: Fantastic story. So that means he is selling, well he is selling almost 7,000 videos a year, yeah, and they are just downloads.

Don: There you go.

Jason Hartman: It's all digital. That's great, awesome.

Don: What do you think, you know, honestly if you sat down with him, knowing what you know about internet marketing and you work through with him a little bit of a funnel and help them understand what his back end sales could be, you know, let's say maybe you and I put together a $250 back end product or a $400 back end product for him, Jason, how much do you think he could make a year on this back end?

Jason Hartman: Oh, he would have a huge up sell opportunity there. That would be great.

Don: Like how much?

Jason Hartman: Well, if he converts, say he converts 20% of the buyers of the main video and say he has got a $300 back end and what's he going to do maybe 1500 people, $300, that's another 450 Grand, amazing.

Don: Okay. That he is leaving on the table every year. You know why he is not chasing after it?

Jason Hartman: How come? He is comfortable?

Don: Yeah. He is like, you know what, I live in Northern California, I got a beautiful home, my next door neighbor has a private tennis court and he lets me use for free whenever I want to, I travel the world with my wife and we travel all over the world, we do as much travels and we go everywhere we want to go, we have a great life, I don't need to do anymore.

Jason Hartman: Well, that's a fantastic place to be. It really is.

Don: That's cool, I love that.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, very cool, very cool, so you have got one more before we go?

Don: How about this one? How about a gentleman who basically when he – in his own words he said, he was pretty much destitute, he would live on Macaroni and he would live on Top Ramen. He had a $900 a month apartment and his big dream, his big vision in his world was to upgrade to the apartment across the street because they are better quality apartments and they were $1200 a month. I was like, yeah.

Jason Hartman: Oh, okay, so $300 increase in rent, yeah.

Don: I can live in that apartment, I would be so happy. This guy, you know, he had his favorite car, his only car, which was at that time he was driving it was 20 years old and he talks about it as being two colors, blue and rust. This guy, he was juggling along trying to put together, you know, this and that for internet marketing, struggling, struggling, struggling. And one day he basically he had a car accident and realized that he had no way to fix his car, he was out of credit, he had no more credit left on his credit car, he had nothing and he was absolutely stuck. Fortunately, the accident wasn't his fault, he got an insurance settlement for like a $1000 so he had basically enough money for one more month and then he was going to have to go back home and live with his mum and dad. This guy worked his butt off, put together an info product that he thought, “Okay, this is my last shot.” He has been trying it, trying it and trying it. In six weeks he made over a $100,000 with an info product on basically how to generate traffic using pay-per-click. Now, this is info product, nothing particularly miraculous, he made a 100 Grand on it using – that's right, pay-per-click to drive this traffic to his list to his product and got himself out of the situation. This guy has gone on to make over $20 million in info product and he is doing it, and this guy's name is Kevin Wilke. He is the owner of Nitro Marketing.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic, what a story. Those are awesome stories, very inspiring. You have talked about the money, but you didn't even mentioned the kind of freedom it allows people in terms of – well, you did with the tennis person, but I mean it's just a fantastic freedom opportunity because you can do it from anywhere in the planet, it just – it is a fantastic business, it really is.

Don: Every solution creates a new problem. Once you are free from money-wise, then you start to get into much, much more fund conversations about, “What do I really want to contribute, you know, before I breathe my last breath, what difference do I really want to make?” You know, most people on the planet and it's – I think it's very, very unfortunate, it's really tragic, most people on this planet never give themselves permission to get out of the money worries and as a result they never get to go and really test or really stretch, discover what their potential really is and it's completely unnecessary because everybody, everybody, everybody can make a system like this and the reason why that's true is because the internet has basically democratized the access to customers. Everybody can have an access to customers now and no longer cost a lot of money, it can be done for free or nearly for free and I have seen it happen over and over and over and over again.

Jason Hartman: Well, what would you like people to know in closing, I mean, you have certainly provided some good methodologies and good outline, keep it simple, I love that, some good examples, how would you wrap it all up for people and then please give out your website as well?

Don: Sure. The website is That's and what I really want people to know I think #1 more important than anything else is, the thing that is stopping you is exactly the thing in between your left ear and your right ear. What's stopping you is a lack of experience. What's stopping you is, I have never done this before, I don't know if it is going to work, I don't know if it is going to be okay. What's stopping you is, you have not taken a step forward, so you have got – not gotten any feedback and so therefore you are arrested, you are worried, you are confused. You are like “Oh, I am not sure if it will work, I am not sure if it is a good idea.” When you get out of that, it's easy. All you do to get out of it is this. You simply start. You simply start and you just tell yourself, “Okay, screw it, I don't care. What kind of my – what my outcome is going to be doesn't matter to me whatsoever the outcome, I am just going to give it a shot” and see what happens. And then monitor very carefully just monitor your progress step by step, give yourself permission to see just what is around that not very end of all this, but just what is around the first corner, what is around the first corner? What is going to happen when you actually you finish off the ramp up stuff and you no longer having to struggle with what your website looks like because it's up and running. And now you can start actually doing the real meaningful stuff of relationship marketing.

Jason Hartman: Right.

Don: And you can really get involved with your customers, now we are talking.

Jason Hartman: Excellent. Well, tell us just quickly before we go about your live programs and you have a special offer I believe for our listeners too.

Don: I do, yes, absolutely. So, at everydayentrepreneurlive we have a three day event where we do something dramatically different than any seminar either you have been to or you know, ever seen both inside in the marketing niche as well as outside and here is what we do. We do a three day implementation of your online business. You come to us, you sit down, you bring your hopes and your dreams and our mission is to empower you to fulfill those live in the room so that you have a complete new website and a set of instructions so you know exactly precisely what to do next, no ambiguity, you just follow the bouncing ball, you can build a fully functional relationship marketing instrument, you can drive traffic to it and you can do it with us in three days. It doesn't have to take a month and doesn't have to be hard.

Jason Hartman: And where is that available and how much does that cost?

Don: We run this event all over the country. Typical locations would be Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard either New Jersey or Florida somewhere and the price of this event if you go to you will find the price there as $1295.

Jason Hartman: And I know this special offer is pretty phenomenal, so we are going to set up a special link for it and we will put that on the Speaking of Wealth site. Why don't we just call that speakingofwealth/offers and what is that going to be, because I know it's pretty phenomenal, very exciting offer.

Don: Yes and you know, we got to list on beforehand and essentially, you know, you are asking me, you know, very specific questions like Don, what are you going to give the listeners? And here is what we are going to do. I am going to, for you guys only, I am going to reduce the price of everydayentrepreneurlive from $1295 to only $97 if you use the link where Jason has suggested you to go.

Jason Hartman: So that is, So, excellent, well, good stuff. Thank you so much for that special offer by the way, that is a phenomenal offer. So our listeners very much appreciate that and you have the events regularly so they can go ahead and check out the details on the link at and we will make it happen. Well, thank you so much for joining us today, Don. I appreciate it.

Don: My great pleasure having an amazing, amazing day, bye now.

Jason Hartman: You too, keep up the good work out there.

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The Speaking of Wealth Team

Transcribed by: Renee’ Naphier