Useful and informational content is valuable to a number of people, no matter in what form. However, different types of content attracts different types of people. If you can capture a wide variety of people within a single niche and bring them to your podcast, you’ll see a rise in both traffic and audience engagement. This can be accomplished with a blog. Here’s a little more information about how a blog can benefit your podcast.

Attracting New People

Let’s face it, not every person is the type to listen to a podcast. Though podcasts are an easy and convenient way to take in information, some people might prefer to read, while others like shorter, fact-based information. This is where blogs come in. It’s possible to place blogs on the same webpage as podcasts to attract multiple types of people, or you can simply have them linking to each other. Either way, a blog can bring new people to the podcast.

Repurposing Content

Jason Hartman is a big believer in repurposing content, and for good reason. A blog provides a way for podcasters to repurpose their content into a brand new format to reach more people. If you have a podcast and you’d like it to reach a wider audience, repurposing the message into a blog post is a great way to do it. It can be promoted throughout the internet, linking to the original podcast.

Quick, Easy Updates

If you ever need to release a quick notice to the audience of a change in the podcast or an upcoming event, a short blog post is the way to do it. They’re easy to write and quick to upload, making them a perfect tool for fast updates regarding new events on in your website.

SEO Friendly

While it’s possible to optimize podcasts for better search engine results, it can sometimes be easier with blog posts. With podcasts, generally the best place to optimize is in the podcast show notes, however, with blog posts its possible to place keywords and anchor text directly in the content. Often, the keywords you’re trying to rank for come up naturally in the writing, which make them an extremely SEO friendly medium.

Another Way to Engage the Community

Though you can include a call to action and encourage discussion within a podcast, a blog provides yet another way to do it. Bloggers sometimes post short blog posts specifically for the purpose of discussion, by simply bringing up a point of controversy or interest and then encouraging discussion and opinion. Furthermore, blogs are a great place to host contests and polls which can encourage audience engagement and give them more of a reason to visit and share your content.

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