Robert K. Tanenbaum has published 31 books with over 14 million copies in circulation. Robert served as Mayor of Beverly Hills for two terms and is a member of the New York, California, and Pennsylvania State Bars. Robert and Jason Hartman talk about his book Fatal Conceit, the investigation into President Kennedy’s assassination, as well as our legal system.

Key Takeaways:

[3:25] How our legal system needs a shakeup

[6:50] Why trials should always be slanted toward the prosecution

[11:03] Whether prosecutors should face consequences when a case is overturned

[13:17] What we can start doing if we’re going to fix our legal system

[17:02] Several issues that the government refused to look into when investigating Lee Harvey Oswald’s shooting of President Kennedy.

[19:01] How Fatal Conceit can be used when looking at the Benghazi attacks

[22:55] How Robert has turned his vast legal experience into a successful writing career