Some bloggers rely solely on search engines to have their blog posts recognized. Though search engines are an important element of having posts recognized, there’s more to it. Here are the basics of blog post promotion.

Optimize Your Post with Keywords

To really stand out in search engines, a blog post needs to be optimized. This can be done with the right keywords and keyword phrases within the title and headers. Start by scanning through the content to find the main points of the post. Once you have the main topics down, it’s possible to input them into a free keyword selection tool like Google Adwords. These tools allow you to uncover the most popular search terms and input them into the content to optimize the post title.

Tailor Status Updates

Jason Hartman knows that a critical part of promoting a blog is social marketing. For an effective social marketing campaign, it’s imperative to tailor any status updates regarding the new blog post. While there’s always the option of simply typing in a title, it’s unlikely to attract a lot of attention. Instead, tailor the headline to each community you’re trying to market to. Sometimes, it’s important to market on different days at different times.

Shorten the URL

Another significant part of social marketing is shortening the URL. This can be done with programs like TinyUrl or Though this is a strategy previously only used on Twitter, it’s recently become a handy tool for bloggers to determine click-through’s with the addition of analytics.

Post Short “Blurbs” on Other Sites

There are quite a few social networks and online forums which allow users to add promotional content, but only if the content is relevant. This gives bloggers a window of opportunity to promote their posts to people who could honestly benefit from it. Try writing a compelling headline or question in relation to the topic with a link to the post. Add some thoughtful commentary, and ask people provide feedback and create discussion.

Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites

Are you aware of the option to add content to popular bookmarking sites for promotional purposes? Though not quite as effective as they once were, popular bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit can be a great place to market good material. To really benefit from these sites, become a part of the community and contribute regularly.

Syndicate the Content

RSS feeds are a necessary part of getting a post recognized. Take advantage of the RSS feed to have content regularly updated in a variety of places. Many social networking sites now accept feeds, and they can also be included in e-mail services.

If you’re interested in making content and blog posts even more recognizable, read the article “Tips to Create Strong Titles for Content” for more information. (Top Image: Flickr | Ambernectar 13)

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