Many mistake blogging as the only way to build a platform and educate others, but podcasting can be a great resource as well. Keep reading to learn why to start a podcast, and how it can benefit you.

1. A Low Cost, Easy Way to Share Your Thoughts

One of the great things about podcasting is how easy it is to start. No fancy gear is required. All you need to begin is:

  • A computer.
  • Working internet connection.
  • A microphone.
  • Something to say.
  • With the right program a podcast can be online in less than a day.

2. A Way to Get Discovered

Podcasts helped Jason Hartman get discovered, and they can help you too. This media platform can make you visible in brand new places, such as iTunes. It provides an easy way to communicate to a wide audience in audio format, and a good way to build your platform. A podcast has the potential to build a worldwide audience. It’s an effective way to promote yourself, market, and reach a new audience. Podcasting can provide a way to re-purpose any written content into a convenient format to reach more people.

3. A Personal Connection

Podcasts are more personal than written posts because listeners get to hear you personally and identify your personality. They allow you to stay in contact with an audience who wants to hear what you have to say. Communicate with each listener with greater emotion and voice than text can offer. Listeners will be able to experience your voice and hear your enthusiasm along with your message. Podcasts are easier for the average listener because they can multitask and complete chores while they’re listening.

4. Become an Expert in Your Niche

As you contribute to a podcast in a certain niche, your audience will begin to recognize you as an expert in that niche. Hosting daily or weekly podcasts on a chosen subject can help a podcast gain credibility, especially if there aren’t a lot ofother resources for the topic. Hosting daily or weekly podcasts on a chosen subject will help you gain credibility and expand your knowledge.

5. Make Money by Educating

It’s possible to monetize podcasts because they’re easy to produce and distribute. You can sell podcasts to various sources, such as educators. It’s also possible to monetize with ads, use the podcast to promote a business, or to promote a product.

Think you’re ready to start a podcast? Try reading Create Passionate Podcast Listeners by Giving Back to learn how to create a dedicated audience. (Top image: Flickr | @boetter)

The Speaking of Wealth Team