Podcasters should be positively ecstatic about the iPod Touch for one very particular reason: users can now connect to the iTunes Store over any Wi-Fi network. Like the Kindle makes it exceedingly easy for readers to download a book from anywhere, the iPod Touch not only allows you to download music on a whim whilst standing in line at your favorite coffee stand, but you can also download podcasts the same way.

Was everyone paying attention to that last sentence? No longer do you have to rely on your listeners to…

1. Remember that you exist
2. Remember that you exist while sitting at their computer with the iTunes Store open
3. Plug their iPod into the computer and sync with your latest show

The bottom line is that when people have unlimited access to their entertainment, they tend to consume more of it. That’s what made the Kindle Fire the fastest selling piece of electronics last Christmas.

Leave it to Apple to come up with a way to bring podcasts even nearer the masses. And when we say masses we really mean masses. To date, the company has sold hundreds of millions of iPods, iPads, and iPhones. Talk about a captive audience. Owners of these products, like Jason Hartman, are looking for content to put onto their device. All you have to do is stand in the way of that demand and let inertia take over.

Well, it’s not exactly that simple. You still have to create entertaining, informative podcast episodes on a regular basis.

Another little invention from Apple called iCloud is helping you out also. This technology automatically downloads all the music, podcasts, etc you buy over a Wi-Fi or cellular network and distributes it out to all your devices. The content is stored in, of course, the cloud for the price of about $25 per year. No one knows exactly where all this downloading and sharing of content will eventually end up, but one thing is certain, podcasters should be strongly in favor of the quickening of technology. The easier it is for potential listeners to find your content – well, that can’t help but be a boon to your personal bottom line.

While we’re not trying to be a shill for Apple products, if you don’t have an iPod Touch already, check it out, if for no other reason than to make it easy to keep up with all the podcasts you like to listen too.

The iPod ain’t just for music any more. (Top image: Flickr | aditza 121)

The Speaking of Wealth Team