Bryan Dulaney has helped companies more than triple their revenue using his Perfect Funnel System when consulting and when implementing it for clients. His recent case study he helped a vacation company, Vacation Strategy, scale from $1.5 million to over $5 million dollars in less than 5 months and is what he now calls “The $5,357,728 Case Study.”

Bryan started marketing online while finishing up his Masters in Marketing at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. It was back then that Bryan taught himself how to build lead capture and sales pages that could convert. His first day, was while he was at Liberty University, where he made just over $10,000 in sales for a product launch. Then again a few weeks later over $20,000 where he outranked his mentor, Mike Filsaime, at the time. Now they are friends.

Bryan has been paid upwards of $100,000 to help people launch products and services online and his normal consulting fee is $10,000 for a one day strategy session where he helps you personally roll out a Perfect Funnel System. Why $10,000? Because it’s worth 10x that amount in actual revenue and sales immediately, in his experience.

Bryan has helped people launch Webinars, where they generated over $150,000 in 90 days and the list goes on and on. So what are you waiting for? Click Here to Get a Quote and let Bryan and his OptimizePress Ninja’s do it for you while you can “guide them” or just sit back and kick it on the beach, spend time with your family, take a break from all of the learning that you’re doing and start putting other people to work in your business so that you can work ON your business as Michael Gerber says it best.

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Start of Interview with Bryan Dulaney

Jason Hartman: Hey! It’s my pleasure to welcome Bryan Dulaney to the show. He is the founder of Instantly Noticed and the creator of the Perfect Funnel System. And I had the opportunity to see Bryan speak at a Mastermind group a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve got to tell you that I was totally impressed, and I wanted to bring him on the show to talk about his Perfect Funnel System and just some great marketing ideas for you. And he comes to us today from beautiful La Joya, California. Bryan, how are you?

Bryan Dulaney: Doing awesome Jason thank you.

Jason Hartman: Good well it’s great to have you on the show. Tell us a little bit about your background, how you came to be, where were you born, how was your childhood… you don’t have to go that far into it.

Bryan Dulaney: Yeah, absolutely. Okay, cool. Well I started all of this back at Liberty University, and I was working through my master’s degree at Liberty and one of my buddies had told me about Joe Vitale actually, which led me to Yanik Silver and they had talked about how to basically make money online in 31 days or less. And that’s what stimulated my curiosity at a time that I was super actively involved in personal development and I just happened to stumble upon Joe Vitale’s hypnotic marketing and hypnotic writing, and phenomenal books and programs that Joe’s put together and put out over the years. So he turned me on – I was paying attention to what he was doing and I saw the type of money that he was making from marketing online.

So that’s what got me kind of excited. And what happened was I joined a 30 day challenge, and that 30 day challenge was a challenge to make a dollar in the first 30 days. I came in 15 days late, I started to just consume the 30 day challenge. I hammered out probably 15 days over the course of two days and I just started to take action. And that was a program that Ed Dale put on. It was one of the first 30 day challenges that he put on. And I set up a blog, it auto pulled content into the site for me so I didn’t have to write any content at that time. It would pull videos in, it would pull articles into the site, and all I did was change affiliate links out with the links that went out to the people’s programs and products. And I just changed out some affiliate links and literally within 7 days I had an Email that said you’ve made a sale. And low and behold that sale was for $750. So I ended up making a $750 sale in the first 7 days.

Jason Hartman: So now are you going to tell us that you didn’t work for the next 750 months?

Bryan Dulaney: No, not going to tell you that. I got excited and wanted to figure out how I could duplicate this process, because it was too simple. I said, okay this was easy, how can I do this every day? And at that time I was in college and all my money was invested into the university, working on the master’s program and just really living. So I found a mentor. That’s one of the first things I did. I found a guy that was living in Australia. His name was James Schramko, awesome guy. And I bought everything that he sold, and just consumed everything that he taught because of the type of results that he was getting in his business. So what happened next was James had taught me how to create a lead capture page so that I could capture leads and then send people over to a product that they can buy from me, and all I had to do was give them some bonuses for buying whether it be a coupon or a discount or just additional value.

Jason Hartman: When we talk about creating the perfect funnel system and maybe this is a little bit on a tangent because you’ve got a little more to tell us there, but when you say creating a lead capture page, it sounds to me like the holy grail of that, the secret of that is having great copy. And I’ve had a lot of copyrighters on the show and of course most of us know about the great copyrighters out there, and I won’t mention names but most people kind of know who they are – they’ve heard of them. Is that was it’s about? Or is it about having your page visually designed in a certain way? Or is it more about the structure of the offers?

Bryan Dulaney: I would say it has to do… well there’s a lot of different factors that go into it. I think the most important thing is knowing your audience and knowing what type of people are landing on your site. That’s going to be really key so you can speak directly to them so they feel as if you’re speaking their language, so to speak. I would say the headline is one of the most important factors of the page, and going back to copyrighting, some of the stuff that I learned copyrighting…what I did was just model success. So I would pay attention to what kind of copyrighting Joe Vitale was doing or Yanik Silver was doing at the time, and those guys are both heavily focused and they study copyrighting and they have for years. So I would say picking up a copy of hypnotic marketing and going through that program, it’s loaded with headlines that you’re going to be able to use for your lead capture pages.

But there’s a lot of different elements. And actually there’s a website called visual website optimizer, and they have a landing page analyzer that you can use where you can put in your URL and it asks you questions to see how well you score on your landing page. Great resource that I highly recommend everyone uses to kind of gauge and see is your landing page doing the most effective job for you?

Jason Hartman: Yeah, good. Yeah visual website optimizer is a really cool product most definitely. Okay good, so take us through the rest of it. So you were into the Joe Vitale stuff, and you mentioned a couple other mentors there. You bought their stuff, you studied it, you made your $750 rather than just a dollar so that was great, and then what happened?

Bryan Dulaney: So then what happened was James had told me how to create a lead capture page using software which back in the day was called excite pro. He had created a website called excite pro cheat sheet and he was giving away a cheat sheet for using the program, and at that time excite pro was very complicated. So he just helped you to excel your learning curve, and he was ranked number 2 on Google so he had the SEO dialed in. And he produced over 6 figures with that site, and was able to replace his full time income working at a job that he had in corporate America to becoming a full time affiliate.

And so as I was inspired by James and what he was doing… what I did was I asked him what to do, he told me, and I put $500 into Google Ads, I had no idea if there was going to be any type of return on investment, I just completely on faith just invested and started driving traffic to a website that I made that was giving away a bonus for some software, and what happened next was over the course of three days it ended up generating 20 thousand dollars in sales.

Jason Hartman: Amazing.

Bryan Dulaney: Yeah. So I had a huge success there. That was an amazing experience. My roommates at the time were totally shocked that that was even possible. And for me that was like my launching into my entire internet business, knowing that this is real. This is something that is sustainable – this is something that I can turn on or turn off whenever I want. So that was what kind of got me started in this whole world of internet marketing, and then from there I just continued to immerse myself in, okay how can I continue to duplicate this over and over again?

Jason Hartman: Okay good. Well, for the people listening who want to have similar or greater success than you just mentioned, what do they need to do? Take us through this process of creating the perfect funnel.

Bryan Dulaney: Okay, absolutely. So I was in Hawaii a couple years ago, and went over there for 2 months just to kind of explore the islands, and to enjoy my time over there with my girlfriend at the time. And it was the second night – I woke up in the middle of the night and a headline just hit me in the middle of the night. And that’s when I actually had the inspiration and the vision for the perfect funnel system. And I created that program while I was in Hawaii. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to share… it’s a seven step system. It’s a system for turning leads into buyers and then converting buyers to becoming raving fans.

I have since gone on to really help companies and take them to the next level in their business by implementing this system. A good example was a vacation company who was doing a million and a half, and just by taking apart their entire funnel, their entire business, implementing these strategies, my team and I were able to help them take their business to five and a half million dollars over the course of 5-6 months.

Jason Hartman: And when you quote those revenue numbers, are those annual revenue numbers?

Bryan Dulaney: They are.

Jason Hartman: Okay and that’s gross revenue?

Bryan Dulaney: Yeah, that’s gross revenue. So there’s a very specific process in order to scale automate your business. But what I’m going to do is I’m going to break down these seven steps, and they’re going to be different for everyone. The first thing is to think about… and well the question that I have for you is do you have an irresistible money magnet? So an irresistible money magnet, there’s over 20 different types of money magnets and I’m just going to give you some examples so that you can kind of understand what it is. But an irresistible money magnet can be a free report, it can be a coupon, it could be a free video series, a discount…it could be contests.

So there’s a lot of different types of irresistible money magnets, but by nature of being irresistible it’s something that is effortless for people to say yes I want that or yes here’s my information. Here’s my name, here’s my Email, here’s my cellphone number in some cases. In the case of the vacation company, it was enter your information to get a quote to go on vacation. So we were capturing a lot more information that just the name and an Email. But the purpose of this money magnet is to get their information so you can begin to then engage in step two, which is to develop a relationship with your prospects. Actually that’s step three. Step two is capturing leads, but we kind of covered that in the process there.

So step one having that irresistible money magnet, whether it’s a free report, a coupon, a free video series, whether it’s a quiz or a survey. And then capturing the leads, rolling them into an auto responder service like AWeber or MailChimp, or Infusionsoft. Enrolling them into an auto responder program. All that really means is it gives you the opportunity to really Email them, or in some cases you can text message them, and all of that is automated. So it’s really important for that process to be automated because as you scale your business and you go from doing… in the vacation case study they were doing about 50-75 leads per day and then we scaled to over 300-400 leads per day. So you can imagine going from 50-75 leads per day. If that was all manual, that would take a lot of time by itself just to do those 50-75, but taking it from 300-400 more it gets a little overwhelming when you have that many leads flowing in your business every day pretty consistently.

So step one irresistible money magnet, step two capturing those leads, step three is developing the relationship. So what that looks like is people don’t generally buy something online unless they know, like and trust the brand or know, like and trust the entrepreneur or know, like and trust the business. So what I like to do with this stage of the funnel, this area… what I like to do is I like to develop a relationship and I like to over deliver and I like to do what I call deliver results in advance. So this part of the funnel, we are showing people how to get a specific result before they ever spend a dime with us. Or we’re giving them some type of strategy or tip before they ever spend a dime.

In the vacation case study we went ahead and by developing a relationship with them, we immediately got them on the phone, told them how much and how they can save 40-75% on their vacation compared to Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia. Instantly they were hooked just by simply having that incredible discount. And the personalization of that relationship with one of the vacation concierges. So again, a lot of businesses are different. Pretty much every business is different so you’ll have to come up with a way of developing a relationship with your customers but what’s really important at this stage of the process is getting them to know, like and trust you. Whether that means getting on the phone with them, or sending Emails with content that is going to build trust.

Jason Hartman: Absolutely, absolutely. Okay good. So that’s some great ways marketers can get people in the door with that funnel. So when we talk about that funnel, how many stages are there? What we’re talking about is obviously the sales funnel and leading them down that funnel. And one of the great things I’ve found that I’ve been able to do with podcasting is I’ve been able to lead people down the funnel without having to spend direct time individually with prospects. They can come down that funnel, they can learn, they can develop trust, develop relationship, and you can do that with technology and with media. It’s a great thing because it makes your business much more scalable, of course. But how many stages do you have in the Perfect Funnel System?

Bryan Dulaney: There’s really seven overall stages.

Jason Hartman: Okay good. Tell us those seven. Just give us the overview. And we’ve already drilled down a little bit, but I just want to back up for a moment and get the seven so we have the top level view.

Bryan Dulaney: Yeah absolutely. Stage one is the irresistible money magnet, stage two is capturing leads, stage three is developing a relationship with your prospect, stage four is converting sales, stage five is adding outrageous value, stage six is delivering awesomeness, and stage seven is getting affiliates and referrals.

Jason Hartman: Okay good. So take us to the next stage then.

Bryan Dulaney: Okay. I want to back up a little bit and I want to give away some references and resources to how to capture the leads. So there’s two platforms out there that are really great and rather simple for setting up a lead capture page. LeadPages is one of those examples, and OptimizedPress is another example. Those are two tools in my tool box that I use. That’s my kind of go-to for launching these lead capture pages so that we can start this whole entire process of developing relationship and converting sales and creating raving fans.

Jason Hartman: Absolutely. So that’s a great point. Let’s use a real live case study. Let’s use your own business, okay? And so what do you do for people on lead pages or on optimized press as kind of an entry to your funnel, right?

Bryan Dulaney: It is, it is. So we have optimized press ninja. We’ve been using optimized press ever since it started over three years ago. We have people come to us over the years that say hey Bryan, can you help me launch my product or service online? Can you help me launch my coaching program? Time and time again this is just the nature of the type of people that come to me. Authors, speakers, coaches. That type of thing. So they’ll come to me and they’ll say can you help me launch a lead capture page? Can you help me launch a funnel? And I say okay, absolutely. So one of the websites that we advertise to get people into our business is optimized press ninja.

And all that is, is an opportunity for us to help you develop a lead capture page, a sales page or a membership site. Really an overall sales funnel, but there’s a lot of different types of offers that we have. Not everybody needs a full blown sales funnel. Some people might only need a lead capture page, or some people might only want a membership site. So that site has a lot of options for getting people into the door, so we can then, if you look at the life cycle of our customers, there are people that come into our business by building a lead capture page but then we end up talking to them about traffic, how they can start generating traffic through Facebook or generating traffic through YouTube and Google and then that’s another opportunity for us to have another conversation about okay, here’s what we do. You can either do it yourself or we’ll do it for you – or do it with you more so.

Jason Hartman: Good. Okay. And the price of that offer is relatively low. Like someone isn’t going to have to agonize over that, they’re not going to have to mortgage their home or liquidate their kid’s college fund, right?

Bryan Dulaney: Right. No, no. absolutely. It’s a very low offer, and that’s the nature of a tripwire. Tripwire is less than something that is a couple hundred dollars.

Jason Hartman: Let’s go back to the funnel if we can and go down to the next stage.

Bryan Dulaney: Cool. Okay so at this point we’re at converting sales. And there’s a lot of stuff that goes into converting sales, but we’ll just walk you through this process of an entire perfect funnel system. And at this stage you’ve already developed a relationship, whether it’s through Email or whether it’s through a phone call, and you’ve built trust. You’ve delivered results in advance, you’ve built up this trust so that people are at a point where you can send them to an offer, a sales page, or an offer that is something that’s going to help serve them, it’s going to help alleviate some of their stresses.

For example, in our case optimized press ninja, at this point if you come through one of our funnels, you might come through the funnel, you might download a free report about what is the perfect funnel system where I show you and kind of lay out the entire system. And then after that you might say okay well that’s great, just like the vacation company. That’s great. You just laid out for me all this stuff that we need to do, but how about we sit down and talk about how you guys can help us do it.

Jason Hartman: The done for you.

Bryan Dulaney: The done for you stuff, right. So what happens is at this point in the funnel you want to send people to an offer, whatever that offer is. It could be a service, it could be a product. Generally speaking, if the offer is a lower ticket offer… it could be $20, it could be $100, it could be $497. Generally with a lower ticket offer you’re going to get more people saying hey, yes I want that opportunity. If it’s 7-20 dollars, that’s considered a tripwire offer. And what that is, is just an opportunity for people to engage with you on a level that, it’s not going to break the bank, it’s going to be an opportunity for people to experience your business first hand before they say okay, I want to take this to the next level.

Jason Hartman: Yeah. Right. Okay good.

Bryan Dulaney: So that’s that. That’s converting sales. There are many elements that you need to have in place on that sales page. A few tips that I’m going to give you guys is to incorporate testimonials. Testimonials are a very powerful way of increasing your conversion rates. That’s one. And the thing that’s working the best in our business is incorporating Facebook testimonials. So taking a screenshot, asking your customers to go to Facebook and share their experience with your business or your product. Whatever their experience is, ask them if they will go to your fan page or go to your personal wall and share what their experience is like. And by doing that you can just take a screen shot of that, and then you can go and have your web designer add it or add it yourself to your website so you can have that as proof. And that has been increasing conversion rates upwards of over 80%. Because Facebook is such a trusted source, and there’s no manufacturing of that testimonial. People know that it’s legit.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, because the social profile, the time it takes to develop a legitimate social profile on a network like Facebook is…those aren’t sock puppets. Some of them are. Certainly I get spam from them, usually from crazy places around the world. But the vast majority of them are real.

Bryan Dulaney: So there’s a lot of different types of things that you can do to increase your conversion rates. That’s just one. The next is to add outrageous value. So adding outrageous value is adding up sales, down sales, cross sales into your business. I had a friend of mine who did a product launch last month and I went over to his office and by 1pm they had generated over 500 thousand dollars in one day. Now that’s for a variety of reasons. But a quarter of his revenue on that product launch came from adding outrageous value. It came from his up sales. So imagine 125 thousand dollars of that revenue came from up sales.

So what I try to impress upon people is the importance of adding additional offers into your business. And I can’t tell you how many times I see when people just have one offer, and they never make an additional offer to their list and to their customer.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so multiple offers.

Bryan Dulaney: Yes. Multiple offers, make something. You can partner with other people to make an offer and they can deliver it for you. There’s a variety of ways you can make other offers but the point here is to make additional offers that are in alignment and that are congruent with your core product, your core offer that you’re selling at the time.

Jason Hartman: So Bryan, what are the last two steps of the Perfect Funnel System?

Bryan Dulaney: Yeah, absolutely. So the last two steps are delivering awesomeness… this is the part where you’re just going to over deliver value above and beyond what your customers ever anticipated experiencing. And you could do that by calling every customer that comes through your funnel, you could deliver content that they weren’t ever experiencing to receive. In the case of the vacation company what we did was we gave them a call and we told them what they could expect for their vacation, what they should take with them. We sent them a PDF of all the different restaurants in town, and all the great places to go to, gave them some discounts, some coupons to some great places that they could go and have a good time with their family. So we went above and beyond what the hotel or the resort would even do. So that’s a good example of delivering awesomeness. You just want to think about how can you help your customers become raving fans and start talking about your business?

And the last step is about getting affiliates and referrals. And making it easy for your customers to refer their business to you. In the example of the vacation company, for every customer that they referred, we knocked off $50 off of their vacation and we gave their referrals an instant $50 discount for booking their vacation. So not only are they saving 40-75% off their next vacation, they’re going to get an additional sweet bonus of $50 off by making a referral. So we just really sweetened the pack for helping to stimulate our customers to becoming referral partners for us.

Jason Hartman: Okay. Good. Alright. And so that is the last step to the system, right?

Bryan Dulaney: That is. That’s the last step. And then after that, then you can start talking about okay how are we going to drive traffic? But what’s really important is traffic is never really an issue. There’s a lot of traffic out there. It’s all over the place. And the only real issue is how is your offer and how is your funnel set up? Is it set up for success?

Jason Hartman: So if you had to pick, like I alluded to in the beginning of the interview, I talked about copy and I talked about structure and I talked about graphic design… how important are each of these elements of this? Or is it really mostly the structure of bringing people down this funnel?

Bryan Dulaney: What’s important is their first impression. First impressions are the first 6-10 seconds that they visit your website, they see your brand. Is it in alignment with what they’re looking for? Is it in alignment with the problem they’re looking to solve? So I would say it’s a combination of things. The headline is one of the most important parts of your website because that’s what most people read. A lot of people don’t even go beyond the headline. And if the headline is not something that stimulates and captivates their attention, they’re gone.

So I would say it’s a little bit of all of them because copyrighting is important. Design is not super important in a lot of different industries and markets, but something subtle. Something appealing to the eye. People don’t like ugly things. People are more gravitated to things that look desirable or look good. But design at the end of the day is not the number one thing. So I would say that your first impression is going to be the most important.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, yeah. Great stuff. Good stuff, well Bryan you’ve got a couple of websites to give out. Give those out if you would.

Bryan Dulaney: Yeah, absolutely. So I have, that’s one of them. is another website that we have all about traffic and conversion. And then we have which is a website that talks more about my story, how I started the perfect funnel system and it goes more in depth about that too.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Well, Bryan Dulaney thank you so much for sharing this with us today and having the right design of that sales funnel is so critically important to our listeners so they can just achieve more success and have a real automated system that is managing the intake of business into their company. So that’s fantastic. Bryan Dulaney, thanks. Awesome.

Bryan Dulaney: Thank you for having me on Jason.

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