Self-branded ‘King of Sales’ Jeffrey Gitomer joins Jason Hartman to talk about his book, Go Live!, which focuses on mastering the virtual world and exuding comfort on video. He describes the creative ways to build a virtual sales call that’s effective and shares how to use humor in videos. Jeffrey also gives tips on how to be a thought leader and teaches why others want to buy instead of teaching them how to sell.

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It’s my pleasure to welcome a returning guest back to the show. And that is none other than Jeffrey Gitomer. He’s the author of 17 great books. And he has a great sense of humor, too. I asked him how I can get a great sense of humor and, and he gave me some tips on that. Maybe I’ll share some of those today. But his latest book is called go live. And he just sent it to me and guess what this version of go live is autographed. What do you think? Jeffrey, welcome. How are you?

Jeffrey Gitomer 1:05
Thank you. I’m, I’m so happy you doubled my feet to come back. So nice of you to do that.

Jason Hartman 1:12
I have never paid anyone to be on my show. And I’ve had all these celebrities on. There’s one sort of exception though. I did do buy, I won at a charity auction, a Skype call with Colby callay. And I just asked her instead of just doing a Skype call with me that I won at to charity auction, will you do a podcast? And so we did a podcast. So that’s the closest I ever got to paying anybody.

Jeffrey Gitomer 1:37
That’s cool. We don’t pay people anyway. But actually, I’ve had people pay to come on to be a guest.

Jason Hartman 1:43
Oh, have you. Really? Yeah. How much you charge them?

Jeffrey Gitomer 1:45

Jason Hartman 1:46
Yeah, oh, that’s not bad for your for your audience.

Jeffrey Gitomer 1:49
Exactly. But they get a chance of fame. They get a chance to record it unless I do have some other programs where people pay more money, but podcasts as part of the deal. Right now. Our podcast now has 2.5 million downloads. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. So you know, it’s a relatively popular podcast, especially in the world of sales, and people who are in sales or have a book or whatever they want to be on the podcast.

Jason Hartman 2:15
We’re going to talk about that. That’s part of the go live strategy. So we’re going to talk about that today. But I got to ask you, how many episodes of your podcast so far?

Jeffrey Gitomer 2:22
Over 500.

Jason Hartman 2:24
Yeah. Okay. And Jeffrey, are you? Would it be correct to say you are known as a sales trainer?

Jeffrey Gitomer 2:30
Yeah, I brand myself Jason, the king of sales? Because no one else had the title. So I just took it. It wasn’t vacated by anybody else. I just created it. Yep. I feel as though I’m a thought leader in the field of selling, because I don’t teach people how to sell. I teach people why others buy. So that is always differentiated me from the very outset. Yeah. And and I’m a relationship person. I’m not, I’m not a cold caller, I attract people and I attract with value. And most people don’t really have an understanding of that. They just pick up the phone and make 300 calls a day like an idiot and wonder why they get rejected 298 times,

Jason Hartman 3:16
Right. But I will tell you, if someone can’t figure out the easier way to do it, making those 300 calls is better than nothing.

Jeffrey Gitomer 3:23
No argument with that. I will tell you that cold calling is a lousy place to make a sale. But it’s a great place to learn how to sell.

Jason Hartman 3:33
Hmm, good point.

Jeffrey Gitomer 3:34
So I’m not totally against it. I just feel as though if I could attract you valuably, you’re more likely to buy than if I cold call you in the middle of a thousand things.

Jason Hartman 3:45
Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know, we were talking about, you know, Woody Allen and we were talking about Jerry Seinfeld as well. And I got to meet him a couple of years ago. And one of the funniest responses on Seinfeld I thought was fun. The telemarketer called him. And he says, Oh, I’m busy right now. Can I call you back during your dinner?

Jeffrey Gitomer 4:06
Exactly. That’s a great line.

Jason Hartman 4:07
Yeah, it is. It is.

Jeffrey Gitomer 4:09
What they have done first of all, Seinfeld, one because they change seen so often. And second of all, everybody had punch lines. It wasn’t like one person was funny. And they were all funny, right? And some in chromogen kind of way. But some in a funny funny kind of way. Right? And so yeah, you know, you look at all the people that were on the show and they just they all shown and they all shown and oftentimes you don’t have that with with with everybody in it in a sitcom like that. It was just magic.

Jason Hartman 4:42
Yeah, it was definitely a magical show and a magical script. You know, diving into the book here. Look, we’re, you know, most of the world now is trapped, locked imprisoned inside their home, and the work environment has massively and radically changed. And some of it is really a good thing. Because a lot of these efficiencies that were available to us over the last really 17 to 20 years, this is not new technology are finally being adopted by everybody, even the most tech resistant person ever has been forced to start using online conferencing, and all of these great technologies that we have. Now granted, admittedly, many of them are getting censored like crazy now, which is a scary and another discussion. But talk to us about some of the the go live principles, if you would,

Jeffrey Gitomer 5:39
You were correct in saying that we went into this reluctantly. However, it was always an option. Very few people mastered it. But it was always an option right? Now, it is no longer an option. It’s an imperative. And the people who are younger are adapting to it and adopting it much quicker than the people that have been in sales for 25 years and already know everything. Well, right. They think they know everything. The only salespeople that know everything, or people from New York, they actually do know everything. And when I when I gave a seminar to them, I explained it that way. And I said, Look, anything I tell you today will just be a review. So they don’t you know, anyway, the challenge that is foisted upon salespeople right now is they don’t understand that just because they’re online, that they’re not on view. Look at your background, classic. Look at my background looks like I’m intelligent. But I don’t want to see somebody’s closet door. Right? I want to see someone’s bathroom door open. I don’t want to see a bed that’s unmade. I want to see a professional background. And that’s part of the process is they don’t they think? Well, I learned how to go on live. No, no, you learn how to be perceived. going live. Right. And that’s a major, major challenge Jason, and one that sales people have not yet come to understand. But keep in mind, this is only six months old. Yeah. Think about what the radio when it was six months old, or the phone when it was six months old. It’s going to evolve and it’s going to evolve fine. You know, the people are, are enthralled by the Tesla. It’s a five year old car. It’s, you know what it’s gonna be like in 10 years. I mean, it’s just it’s they’ve changed the face of automobile. The same way Zoom has changed the face of a sales call.

Jason Hartman 7:28
Yeah. And in Skype could have done it. But they just were asleep at the wheel at Microsoft, I guess.

Jeffrey Gitomer 7:34
A lot of. Skype, you know, what, it is exactly the same as blackberry?

Jason Hartman 7:38
Yeah. Zoom ate their lunch and Apple ate Blackberry’s lunch. It’s amazing.

Jeffrey Gitomer 7:43
I mean, they went, Blackberry had a 92% market share. They’re now down to a one or a 2%. market share.

Jason Hartman 7:51
Yeah, yeah. It’s, it’s incredible. But this really is, you know, my favorite economist is Joseph Schumpeter. And he coined or at least popularized the phrase creative destruction. And that’s what COVID has brought us, right? Where in this world where people have been forced to adopt things, a lot of things are getting creatively destroyed, as they should be, you know, now that I look at my new life, you know, I really don’t want to go back to getting on an airplane two, three times a month, it’s just overrated. So it’s a lot of stress. And you’re, you’re doing thumbs up

Jeffrey Gitomer 8:26
Corporations are cutting their travel budgets, right, by more than half. Yeah. Because they know it’s no longer necessary. Yeah. And you know, that that’s the way of the world now. And the airlines are trying to pretend like they like you and giving you deals, and they’re

Jason Hartman 8:42
I know, they’re actually nice for change.

Jeffrey Gitomer 8:45
Meaning your seat. What do they do for the past 20 years?

Jason Hartman 8:50
Yeah, not much. They pretty much hate their customers.

Jeffrey Gitomer 8:54
But okay, so wait, you may not know the American Airlines slogan.

Jason Hartman 8:57
What’s that?

Jeffrey Gitomer 8:58
We’re not satisfied until you’re not satisfied.

Jason Hartman 9:02
Okay, I’ve heard that before. That’s a great one. I love it. I love it. It’s, it’s definitely creative destruction. And, and there’s, there’s a lot changing for sure. So, got the master video, you’ve got the go live secrets, one through five. Share some of those with us.

Jeffrey Gitomer 9:20
Well, the first thing that you have to do is be prepared. You have to understand how video works, and how live works. And there’s there’s the deepest, darkest secret that I can give somebody. I have an affiliation with a company called Hippo video. And if you put in the chatter the nose whatever, use Hippo video com. They’ll give you a seven day free trial complete, not to do anything, no credit card, no nothing just seven days worth a worth of video, you film yourself, Jason and then you watch yourself after you’ve done it. Coaching yourself is the best way to improve video because you’re going to hate it. You’re going to hate yourself, you’re going to hate the way you look. And you’ll fix it. Because I realized one day, that’s what my customer seen. I cannot give a better secret or idea to your audience than that. That one element alone will give a sales guy a leg up because he will see or she will see himself or herself and how they appear even if they’re live. Now, I gave a tip to my customers I do at 959. Every morning, live show one on Facebook. I’ve done it for the last 300 days.

Jason Hartman 10:33
Guess what just happened to me. Facebook just put me in the Gulag. I’m in the Facebook reeducation camp now. Oh, because because someone wrote in inflammatory post. And I dared to say, this is my whole comment, Jeffrey. They just want to make sure the election was fair. So Facebook has now said I can’t live stream for 30 days. And I can’t spend money with them. I can’t buy Facebook ads for 30 days. I don’t know. I’m kind of thinking I should be happy about this.

Jeffrey Gitomer 11:05
Yeah. I was banned by US Airways for one year. It was a badge of honor. The only customer, if you read my Wikipedia page, I’m the only guy banned by US Airways, ever. And then they the company went away. And I’ve still maintained that status.

Jason Hartman 11:21
Dare I ask what you do? What you did,

Jeffrey Gitomer 11:24
um, I wrote scathing articles, two very scathing articles that appeared in business journals in all of their hub cities, because at the time, I was syndicated in all the business journals. They hated it. Then I made a girl at the Charlotte airport cry when she said there’s a maintenance issue. And I yelled out, toilet or engine?

Jason Hartman 11:48
Oh, my gosh.

Jeffrey Gitomer 11:49
And she goes, Well, we don’t know. I said, well then pick up the phone. I put an expletive in just in case you don’t know, G-rated audience. And she started crying and they they banned me.

Jason Hartman 12:03
Yeah. Well, this, this is the thing. You know, I think one of the things people better understand is that you cannot rewrite when you’re dealing with somebody else’s platform. You are on rented land. Yep, you are there at their privilege. And they can cut you off anytime you want to. So maybe I’ll just throw in, go live secret number six. Understand that you better have a backup plan. Go ahead, Jeff.

Jeffrey Gitomer 12:31
I think that it’s not just a backup plan. It’s an alternate plan. So that when you’re in a situation, you might have to shift to a portion of your alternate plan. For example, the customer once you live and now it’s virtual, you’re still going to do an event. But it’s a virtual event. And so you have to be prepared for all of the potential outcomes. Because it’s all about an outcome. Jason, it’s there’s no, I can’t explain it any better than that you don’t make a sale, you create an outcome. And because I don’t want to buy a set of weights, I need to use a set of weights, right? I don’t want to exercise when I go to a gym, I want to get healthy and when I get home. And so the challenge that salespeople don’t understand this, it’s about an outcome. And Plan B or Plan C or plan D is all about having alternative outcomes, or getting to the same outcome using alternative means. I don’t care how you get there as long as you get there.

Jason Hartman 13:36
Okay, good. Good. Yeah, just get there. That’s a good point.

Jeffrey Gitomer 13:40
Exactly. So how are you? How have you adapted?

Jason Hartman 13:44
Well, you know, I quite like it. Actually, I think it’s super convenient. And I think you can get a lot more done and you can reach a lot more people. So I think a lot of good things have come out of this whole crisis. I think what you said about people understanding their presentation, this is show business you have to put some effort into it is it should be considered that way good lighting, good sound and so forth. You know, all of these things. Tell us some of the other secrets.

Jeffrey Gitomer 14:10
I’m going to share one other thing I told my audience I said, Look, do not send a Christmas card this year. Make a video and send it send it to your customers. I had one guy who did 500 videos sending out to customers. Made three sales.

Jason Hartman 14:31
Individual video?

Jeffrey Gitomer 14:32
People are, yeah, individual video movies. So people were so blown away that he took the time to say hey, you know it’s been a tough year but we’re going to be better. Don’t worry about a thing. Please bless your family and have a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year and guy people went nuts.

Jason Hartman 14:48
You know what else? He got a lot better at video doing all of that.

Jeffrey Gitomer 14:52
Oh, did he?

Jason Hartman 14:53

Jeffrey Gitomer 14:53
Oh, did he? And so that’s those are the opportunities that are out there and people just choosing that Just don’t understand them. You don’t understand where the new power comes from, because they’re too disgruntled about, quote, having to do this. Now, I’ll give you another idea. You have a guy in Cleveland. Although no one wants a guy in Cleveland, do you have a potential customer in Cleveland or Detroit or Chicago? And you feel like you need to fly there in order to make your presentation? Incorrect. You call the person up on the phone and say, Hey, do you have a Keurig? And guy says, Well, yeah, I do. Well, what’s your favorite brand of coffee? Well, it’s Starbucks Sumatra. Okay, well, look, I’m going to send you a box of Starbucks, Sumatra and a mug. Let’s have a coffee meeting. And I’ll talk to you about what it is that we do and how you win. Okay, now, the guy gets $20 worth of coffee and mug, is your going to tell anybody about it? Yeah, he’s gonna tell everybody. This guy sent me my own coffee, to have a meeting and look at this cool mug. That sales call cost 30 bucks. Mm hmm. The plane ticket would have cost 1000. Right. And you blow a day. Yeah. Or you could have a meeting at nine o’clock, 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock, and still be less than a plane ticket and talk to less and talk to three or four or five people in the course of a day instead of just one. That’s what staying at home can mean to a salesperson you literally buy back your time in both money and efficiency, or I should say effectiveness.

Jason Hartman 16:37
Yeah, it states it can be dramatically more efficient. No question about believable. How do you come across? more personable on video and specifically as I’m looking at the book here, but want to ask you about the thing that is the the connector of people and its humor? How can you use humor? I mean, this will apply generally in life, I’m sure but also on video.

Jeffrey Gitomer 17:04
The first thing I do is I’ll make self effacing humor. That’s the first thing I do. I apologize. I was out in the rain. My hair gets all ruined when I’m in the rain. See what I mean?

Jason Hartman 17:16
Yeah, that was funny.

Jeffrey Gitomer 17:18
Exactly. And so they know I’m poking fun of myself.

Jason Hartman 17:23

Jeffrey Gitomer 17:24
If they’re bald also, I’ve made a friend forever.

Jason Hartman 17:26
Right? Right. Yeah, they’re gonna you know that one.

Jeffrey Gitomer 17:29
Yeah, exactly. So you can’t deny the fact that humor is compelling and attractive. If you’re in a comedy club, and the guy tells something funny and your drink is literally coming out your nose. The minute that comedian starts to talk again, everybody goes Sheesh. Because the statement is, at the end of humor, is the height of listening. At the end of humor, is the height of listening.

Jason Hartman 17:58
At the end of humor is the height of listening. Okay, so then, what’s next across? Yeah. Yeah.

Jeffrey Gitomer 18:07
So the challenge for any salesperson, I can’t give you the Vulcan mind meld to teach you to be humorous. You have to study it. There’s books on humor. There’s showed there’s YouTube videos on humor to teaching you what, what is funny and what’s not funny. The there’s, I don’t want to say the name of the movie because it’s pretty disgusting. But Robin Williams was trying to explain what funny is and sometimes funny is diversion. So he walks into a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and a guy walks into a bar, he’s got a frog, a rabbi walks into a bar, and he has a frog on his shirt. And the bartender says, Where do you get that? And the frog says I got him over in waynesburg. There’s hundreds of them. And that’s misdirection. There’s plenty of ways that somebody can be very humorous if they simply study humor.

Jason Hartman 19:01
I need particularly recommendations on where to study humor. YouTube, channels, books, etc.

Jeffrey Gitomer 19:06
YouTube channels for sure. Just Just how do I how do I become funny. I’ll bet you there’s 500 videos. Anybody? There’s a book called by Steve Allen, the original tonight show host of how to be funny. It’s the best book on humor. Period.

Jason Hartman 19:21
Okay, that’s gonna be a pretty old book, too. Yeah,

Jeffrey Gitomer 19:23
yeah. But written in the 60s. But funny is funny. Sure. I mean, well, that’s new. Funny. No, it’s funny. And there’s ways that you can, you know, if you go back and watch The Honeymooners, you can watch it on YouTube pretty much for nothing. It’s the best sitcom ever, ever, ever, ever.

Jason Hartman 19:45

Jeffrey Gitomer 19:47
And any show that uses humor. You can see all I thought it was funny. I didn’t think it was funny. You look at Family Guy. It’s hysterical, hysterical in a dark kind of way. Right. There’s a Disney series for kids called Phineas and Ferb. I watch it with my daughter who’s 11 we were crying. We’re laughing so hard. So it’s a matter of not just looking at something to be funny, but why was it funny? What made it funny? Uh huh. And once you understand the humor behind the humor, the the intelligence behind the humor, you’ll automatically pick it up. But this is what I’ve taught my kid to do. lead with humor, lead, and I’ll explain how that works. If your kid is intelligent, they kind of get it and they’d rather be funny. They start out a little sarcastic, but they’re hysterical. My wife and I, Jennifer are walking to the beach with my daughter Gabrielle. And Jen goes, smells like a fish store here. And my daughter says, Jen, this is where the fish live before they get to the store.

Jason Hartman 20:57
Yeah. Oh, funny. That’s good.

Jeffrey Gitomer 21:00
We’re rolling on the sand. We’re literally rolling on the sand. Because she just came out with it. It’s it is humor in truth.

Jason Hartman 21:11
Right? Yeah. Yeah, good stuff. I love it. That’s great. Okay, so what about, you know, the next chapter after humor is about creativity. And then I you know, and maybe would touch on that just quickly. Sure. But mastering time is so important. Because even though we’ve got these tools that really do save us a lot of time, somehow, you know, we’re all busy. Again, right? So, you know, maybe we’re touching more people reaching more people, which is fantastic. But we still got to find ways to master time with the go live formula, right?

Jeffrey Gitomer 21:45
Yes, we do. Let me touch on creativity first. This is a book by Michael Michalko. It’s called thinker toys, thinker toys. It’s the best book on creativity ever written. It’s like your mom is holding you in the palm of her hands, teaching you how to be creative. Okay, simple to understand, and even simpler to implement. So this will help anybody who’s saying, Well, I’m not very creative. You know, if you think you’re not creative, you’re right. But if you decide you’re going to study creativity, because it’s a science. It’s not a well, that guy’s real creative. No, no, it’s a science. And Michael teaches you how to master the science. Okay. Second thing is time. I gave you two ideas. One is making a Christmas card video. It may actually take you a little more time. But it will save you a ton of time. When you go back to reconnect with that customer. They’re going to want to take your call is not callback callback callback, right? It’s a call callback, they’ll take your call, what’s that worth? The second time thing that I gave you today was doing a virtual sales call instead of an in person sales call. So you can make five sales calls before noon. Right opposed to one sales call at the cost of $1,000? Looking at what you do, and this think of two things. What else? Who else?

Jason Hartman 23:13
What else? Who else?

Jeffrey Gitomer 23:15
Could somebody else be with me to make this more effective? Could I ask them to have someone with them to make the decision more effective? What else can I offer to this person? Should I bring an idea? Or do I bring my brochure? Answer? bring an idea? No, I go through all of the little things that you need to do in order to be able to master the time that you have available with a caveat. Most people are distracted. And most people will piss away their time in the evening. The distractions are your text goes off, your phone goes off somebody bangs on your door once a meeting something interrupt you, not good. You need to have Do Not Disturb time, in order to be able to be more effective, not more efficient, more effective at what you’re doing and more effective in your outreaches. And second of all, you people go home at night, go I need a beer or I need a glass of wine or I need a drink. Not good. I need to write, I need to prepare. I need to be in a positive thinking mode. And I’ll sit down with my wife and we’ll talk about the day and what ideas came from the day rather than going. Oh, I’m glad that’s over. If you’re glad it’s over. You’re in the wrong job.

Jason Hartman 24:37

Jeffrey Gitomer 24:38
You’re doing it for money. Not for love.

Jason Hartman 24:41
Yeah, right.

Jeffrey Gitomer 24:42
I you know, I love what I do. You love what you do. This is an easy thing to convey to somebody else. But it’s difficult when someone does not love their job. Now, here’s the good news. The world has changed. You can change jobs. Everyone’s going to enter this field. One Three ways, you’re going to be a winner, you’re going to be a watcher, or you’re going to be a whiner. And you can identify who they are in a second, you need to emerge as a winner. And the only way you can do that is study early in the morning and study late at night, you need to go back to your days of being a student.

Jason Hartman 25:21
And use some of that extra time that you’re not driving your car around or hopping on an airplane.

Jeffrey Gitomer 25:27
Right. Hours. Not minutes hours.

Jason Hartman 25:31
Everybody in the world who is working remotely now in using telecommunication, has gained a massive amount of time, yes, that they can fill with whatever they want. But there’s a lot of extra time gained now no question about it. And a lot of reduced stress. Because getting in a car or jumping on an airplane, you know, that’s a stressful experience, even if it goes well.

Jeffrey Gitomer 26:00
Right. I have 3 million miles of stress. Now. I’m telling you and it’s not, you know, it’s not so much Oh my god, this is so stressful. I can’t stand it. It’s just the pressure that it puts on, you are sure to be on time to make sure you’re doing the right thing to get to the right city to get to the hotel to get wherever you’re going to go. It’s a pain in the ass. Yeah, right. So that’s that part of stress is a pain in the ass part. And you get there and you have to be in your best mood and your most enthusiastic place. Even if it’s raining, if it’s freezing, if it’s late, if it’s you know, so many things happen. Come on,

Jason Hartman 26:36
No question about it. Well, good stuff. Jeffrey just wrap this up for us with some final thoughts. You know, put up put a bow on this.

Jeffrey Gitomer 26:44
Okay, you don’t have an option. This is not I like it, or I don’t like it, I’m going to do this or I’m not going to do this. If you don’t master virtual and you don’t master video, someone else will and kick your ass. Because this is not a time where you can say well, let me see how it’s working out. This is a time where you jump in. In order to be perceived as a leader. You’re either going to be a leader, or a lagger. And those are, those are the only two options. You will need to emerge from wherever this pandemic ends. As a person who is seen as a valuable person, as a helpful person, someone who I can trust and rely on because they’re not just trying to sell me something they’re actually trying to help me with my issues. And that’s what that’s what, it’s a very difficult thing, Jason very, very difficult thing, but doable.

Jason Hartman 27:36
Yeah. And a you’ve got to be a person who can adapt to the new environment in because we are likely to be in this environment for a long, long time. Even after, even after the pandemic ends. That was a little snarky sarcasm, because then then we will be in the position where people are just going to be using all of this much, much more forever. So it’s it’s the new world and adapt to it because it’s a great thing, you know.

Jeffrey Gitomer 28:06
And welcome to new worlds. It’s gonna be good.

Jason Hartman 28:09
Yeah, absolutely. Jeffrey, give out your website.

Jeffrey Gitomer 28:12
You can find me at g i t o m e r dot com. I have a club, called the insiders club. If you go to slash insiders club, you’ll see you can get all my stuff. Or you just go on Amazon, you know, get the go live book and take it from there.

Jason Hartman 28:30
Good stuff. Jeffrey Gitomer, thank you for joining us.

Jeffrey Gitomer 28:33
Jason Hartman. It’s a pleasure.

Jason Hartman 28:40
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