How Writers Get Spooked

Seems like this time every year the old, wrinkled, green-faced witches are flying by on their broom sticks only to stir up some potion with their sidekick black cat that spooks the writing abilities and creativity right from us. As the gruesome Witch watches you struggle with words and thoughts, you can hear the loud, annoying laughter coming from up above, knowing her potion is working on you. Now, let’s take down that (inner) demon and find a place to focus on reality, steering your pencil, and thoughts, away from the shakes of getting spooked out of writing.

Often times authors find themselves in a writers block, and the only way to get out is based on you and your actions to get over that bump in the road. So find out what’s stopping you from writing and take down those evil spells, which is often times the reason of how writers get spooked.

Scare away those “writers demons” with these four spooky words, which seem to be holding back your writing skills and future as a Best-Seller.


Spook #1: Enthusiasm

You’ve been there, done that and still nothing has hit the shelves or published to Amazon’s Best-Seller list, so what’s the point, right? Maybe you lack self-confidence and fear the thought of failure? Either way, if those thoughts are resting in your head then it’s time to break that spell and cast a new strategy. Remind yourself daily, of how much your audience will lose by your absence and how much they will gain by your existence.

Get back on track by setting small goals and reward yourself for those daily accomplishments. Everyday might be a struggle, so go slowly and find what triggers your energy and enthusiasm to motivate you back to writing a Best-Selling book.

Spook #2: Confidence

Have you heard yourself say, “All the good content was already used”? If you thought chapters 1 and 2 were good, you’ve only just begun expressing your talents. Those chapters were probably good, but the next 8 chapters will be great if you fill your mind with confidence. You need to push through the “writers depression” of thinking nothing else will be good enough and get back to the talents of your writing skills.

Take a nap, go to a movie or get some fresh air and clear your mind, subconsciously filling it with new characters, thoughts and inspiration for the remaining chapters.

Spook #3: Focus

Distractions will happen, the ink will run out, the birds will chirp too loud, your kids will be yelling for lunch, but these setbacks need to be to minimized to avoid constant setbacks. Try to find your “writers spot” where everyone knows you are off-limits. Give yourself a set time everyday, whether it’s one hour or eight hours, you know and everyone else knows that this is your time to write and not be distracted.

Another way to scare away the distractions and focus solely the content you write is to close the doors and windows, if there will be outside distractions, and turn off your cell phone to maintain a focused environment at all times in your writers spot.

Spook #4: Honesty

So you’re afraid of the comments and reactions from your fans, friends, family and of course media and the thought of them not liking your work will just tear you to shreds. Although it sounds like the Vampire has flown in this time, taking away your confidence, it’s actually good to hear honest reviews. You need to face reality and understand that everyone is going to like your work. It’s always good to get an honest opinion, which will only make you better, stronger and prepared for other comments that come along with the success of your writing talents.

Now that the spooks are gone, it’s time to pick up that pencil and notepad and get to your “writers spot” to begin, or finish, the Best-Seller you’re about to publish.
photo credit: Jayna via photopin cc